Aston  2 1/2 old H.S 6-3

Aston 2 1/2 old H.S 6-3

photo by: Chapmeek Rottweilers

Aston & Slim  H.S  6-3

Aston & Slim H.S 6-3

photo by: Chapmeek Rottweilers

Owner : Chapmeek
Breed : Rottweiler
23rd July 2004 - 8th January 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Its a sad day for us we had Aston put to rest to day, he had been acting very strange we took him to newmarket vets where he had a MRI scan and it was a Tumour on the brain.xxxx RIP Teddy you will be very missed xxxx

Aston is a Fantastic boy, he has a Fantastic Temperament as well, He's like a Big Teddy Bear and that's his nicname at home or just ( Ted ).

Aston love's being with Madison & Coco they are always playing and getting up to NO GOOD, I need eye's at the back of my head when them 3 are together.

Aston also love's his Swimming,( Only one Problem once he's in the pool you have to FIGHT with him to get him out ( Just like his brother Memphis )

Aston has had a very good show career Many 1st & B.P at Champshow which has Gained him his J.W with S.Whalley.

My Husband is now having a go at showing for the First time, Aston has got his work cut out, I'm sure Aston will Teach him well?.

Aston is at stud to approved Bitches.
Aston's H.S is 6-3


  • Parents
    • Ravenrock Taz JW
    • Wharface Creative
  • Grand Parents
    • Ravenrock Ringmaster
    • Ravenrock Stormy Romance For Anbarees
    • Wharface Nightshades At Lansan
    • Fantasa Black Magic
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Wannonas Tiger Moon
    • Wannonas Classic Silhouette
    • Darkarmars Pure Gold
    • Ravenrock Tuscany
    • CH Crown Prince Of Gallah
    • Farmbrook Ring Of Romance At Wharface
    • CH Cuidado Another Hero
    • CH Fantasa Clockwork Orange
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Pendley Winston
    • CH Fantasa Shades Of Red
    • Rottsann Classic Cicero
    • Wannonas Echo
    • CH Fernwood Fallon
    • Darkarmar Touch Of Gold
    • Wannonas Tiger Moon
    • Wannonas Classic Silhouette
    • Jarot The Hooligan
    • Helstrum Jewel Of Gallah
    • Jagan Blue Harvest Moon
    • Jagan Blue Eastrn Wind
    • CH Fantasa Ultra Violet
    • CH Cuidado Dizi Miss Lizzi
    • Pendley Jacob Of Charldane
    • CH Rottsann Regal Romance