Springcurl Speak My Mind

Bramble enjoying her favourite activity

Bramble enjoying her favourite activity

Owner : Curlabull
Breed : Curly Coated Retriever
8th August 1997 - 25th October 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Bramble was never keen on the show ring much preferring agility and obedience. She has her KC Good Citizen Gold, and produced a daughter who was the first Curly to qualify as a Hearing Dog.


  • Parents
    • Kelsmere Governor
    • Ch Gladrags Keepmeinmind
  • Grand Parents
    • Daelyb Dixon of Jancliff
    • Kelsmere Lark
    • Sh Ch Gladrags Dynamite
    • Sh Ch Gladrags Scrumptious
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Clarekerry Lucky Dip
    • Ferndel Black Lace of Daelyb
    • Rambling Red at Nightsun
    • Corritani at Kelsmere
    • Gladrags Ambassador
    • Sh Ch Gladrags Graffitti
    • Ch Darelyn Rifleman
    • Littlewickers Cymric of Gladrags
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Erndene Royal Justice of Clarekerry
    • Grenowood Alexia of Clarekerry
    • Sh Ch Darelyn Orlando
    • NuCH Branflic Cassandra
    • Sh Ch Tangulls Samphire of Herblyn
    • Gladrags Debutante
    • Sh Ch Roydina Casanova
    • Guildhouse Lady
    • Sh Ch Gladrags Gallavanter
    • Darelyn Miss Ellaneous of Gladrags
    • Sh Ch Gladrags Grenadier
    • Littlewickers Cymric of Gladrags
    • Sh Ch Darelyn Fabian
    • Ch Darelyn Natasha
    • Sh Ch Darelyn Crispian
    • Harkaway Moss