Holly - my special friend

Holly - my special friend



Breed : Boxer
22nd June 1997 - 10th February 2006

Sire - Valabeau Nine Carat Gold
Dam - Meniscus Jive Baby

This page is in memory of Holly who died on 10/02/06. Although my main breed is now labradors I can't forget Holly who brought so much fun into our lives.

Holly was born in 1997. My mum wasn't keen on having a boxer, having heard stories of them being a bit mad. Holly was a bit mad but soon won the hearts of my parents and everyone she met. Although she was quite a distructive puppy she always had that apologetic look on her face that you couldn't resist. Even when she pinched my grandma's hat while she was getting ready to go to a wedding, nobody noticed it was missing a few feathers!

Holly came everywhere with me including out riding with the horses, on day trips to the beach and lots of walks in the country. She accepted all new arrivals when puppies came along but was always top dog. She prefered human company, always by your side and was such an intelligent dog, her face could tell a story.

Holly spent her final years living with my parents, who by the time I moved out didn't want to part with her, quite a turn around from the day she arrived! I still saw Holly all the time and she lived life to the full right up to the end.

She will be sadly missed but there are too many good memories for Holly to ever be forgotten.


  • Parents
    • Sh Ch Valabeau Nine Carat Gold
    • Meniscus Jive Baby
  • Grand Parents
    • Bucksteps Going for Gold at Glenfall
    • New Barn Red Velvet of Valabeau
    • Sh Ch Guan Del Orobica of Marbelton
    • Bellchime Looby Lou of Marbelton
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Gelnfall the Gladiator
    • Bucksteps No No Nanette
    • Sh Ch Robbie Redcoat
    • Valabeau Gold Zaffron
    • Torro V Hessen Nasau
    • Anuska Del Fossarone
    • Marbelton Deadly Earnest
    • Bellchimes Treasure Island
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Kinbra Uncle Sam of Winuwuk
    • Glenfall Amber Spirit
    • Sh Ch Tyegarth Famous Grouse
    • Bucksteps Miss Brodie
    • Sh Ch Norwatch Glory Boy of Rayfos
    • Santanoaks Gorgeous Gussie
    • Sh Ch Tabor V Worikben at Lynpine
    • Valabeau Gold Zara
    • Sh Ch Perry V D Pierik
    • Anuska V D Stromberger Burg
    • Clay Del Fossarone
    • Dunia Del Fossarone
    • Marbelton Ozone Friendly
    • Shes a Dream at Marbelton
    • Braemerwood Proclomation of Seefeld
    • Marbelton Snowball