Ballentine Boy for Mathershill

Owner : Mathershill
Breed : English Springer Spaniel
Birthdate : 16th February 2013
Colour : Black & White
Health Tested

Health Tests

Remmy holds a flashy pressence and is stylish in the way he conducts himself. He has a soft nature and is very biddable and extremely willing to learn. Remmy has great game sense, He will pick fur and feather and enter cover & water like a knife through butter. He truely has no fear and is an all round gundog who can easily switch from beating to picking up. He can pick up a line from a pricked bird 100yrds+away and take that line back to the bird with ease, Very good at using the wind to his advantage.
Remmy is also an amazing swimmer, he is no more at home on land than he is in water. He will jump in with no fear and is current splash and grab water retrieve champion in Kent.
He is a very solid part of many beating and picking up teams in Kent.

Remmy is Health Tested
PRA - Clear
PFK - Clear
Fuco - Clear
Eye cert & gonio - upto date 2016
Hips 3/3
Elbows 0

Remington is also a carrier of the liver gene, meaning any black bitch he is mated to that also carries the liver gene can produce liver pups.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Dougarie Raleigh
    • Daisy May Grove
    • Shot To Fame In Geordieland (Ftw)
    • Lucky Kiss
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Thorntacker Bramble
    • Meonview Crababble
    • Tawnyhill Arch
    • The Sunny Backed Swallow
    • Kenmilquin Drake
    • Bailey Blossom
    • Brynmarlog Buzz of Mynyddmawr
    • Lively Lady
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ftch Knockmany Jumbo
    • Rates Roflo
    • Perrinpit Stellenbosch
    • Coralzal Spinner
    • Nantycorn Clinker of Tawnyhill
    • Tawnyhill Twiggy
    • Ramshill Saddle
    • The Swallow Moonshine (Ikc)
    • Lilliard Knock-Rua
    • Buxbury Elvi
    • Whitefields Woody
    • Sian of Armfield
    • Shadowtree Martin
    • Brynmarlog Bunty
    • Tornado Tracer of Chedzoy
    • Newhouse Sue