Matgrove Robroy Mcgregor of Mathershill

Owner : Mathershill
Breed : English Springer Spaniel
Birthdate : 19th November 2010
Colour : Liver & White
Health Tested

Health Tests

Winston is an old fashioned, medium-large sized type dog who is very sturdy and solid built. He stands at around 19 inches to the shoulder.

He is a quick dog with a good nose and natural game-finding ability, needing very little handling. A very knowledgeable dog that has taught me plenty through the years, never fails to surprise me.
Winston is at home in thick cover like gorse, bramble and bracken - indeed the thicker the better , a proper woodcock dog.

Also keeping the traditional springer alive he is no more at home on land than he is on water! There is something about this line that just enjoys water, Winston is an incredible swimmer and will put some Labradors to shame.

He is a dog that I think is rare to find these days, as he is far from soft. Some dogs need to be encouraged gently in certain tasks and cower if you so much as raise your voice. He is the bravest dog and always willing to please, and this shows in his offspring.

At home he is chilled and laid back, but has the funniest personality

Winston is Health tested
PRA - Clear
PFK - Clear
Fuco - Clear
Eye cert & gonio - upto date 2016
Hips 3/6=9
Elbows 0

References from Gamekeepers available.


  • Parents
    • Dougarie Raleigh
    • Daisy May Grove
  • Grand Parents
    • Thorntacker Bramble
    • Meonview Crababble
    • Tawnyhill Arch
    • The Sunny Backed Swallow
  • Great Grand Parents
    • FTCH Knockmany Jumbo
    • Rates Roflo
    • Perrinpit Stellenbosch
    • Coralzal Spinner
    • Nantycorn Clinker of Tawnyhill
    • Tawnyhill Twiggy
    • Ramshill Saddle
    • The Swallow Moonshine (IKC)
  • Great Great Grand Parents