tallulah whitaker



Owner : Mr D Hughes & Mrs T Hughes
Breed : Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 16th October 2014

Puddle is a home bred working cocker and has a lovely tempermant like her mother.
Works regularly thru shooting season and is a superb falconary dog .


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • F.T.Ch Maesydderwen Scimitar
    • F.T.Ch Timsgarry Kelly
    • F.T.Ch Lulsey Jackson
    • Contrail CóRdoba
    • Ft Ch Park Break Jefferson
    • Larford Celt
    • F.T.Ch Mallow Dale Racha Tear
    • Mallowdale Effie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ft Ch Larford Cateran
    • Ft Ch Wernffrewd Kathleen
    • Ft Ch Sandford Black Mamba
    • Kigaro Mag
    • Ft Ch Larford Cateran
    • F T W Lulsey Dark Elegance
    • Ft Ch Larford Carp
    • Ft Ch Contrail Crackerjack
    • Maesydderwen Griffin
    • Ft Ch Zelda of Cadboll
    • Ft Ch Rig Foot Teal
    • Ft Ch Wernffrewd Ammwyl
    • Ft Ch Wernffrewd Siari
    • Whinpark Chrisse of Square Close
    • Ft Ch Dolarreg Aron
    • Blismill Babs