Ballymaneen's Honey lady

Poppy proundly showing off her 4 week old puppies

Poppy proundly showing off her 4 week old puppies

photo by: H R Kinkead

Owner : Havergrove
Breed : Golden Retriever
Birthdate : 11th August 2012

Poppy is a super sweet girl she has the sweetest nature and very gentle. She's extremely easy going and takes everything in her stride at home then when she gets to the field she is like a greyhound I've never seen a golden retriever cover as much ground so quick when she gets in river she almost comes out dry she's so quick it's funny. Poppy has been a fantastic mummy and loves being with them it's hard keep her away to go out to toilet. I'm so glad poppy got to experience motherhood and has 7 stunning pups to be proud off. She is booked in to be spayed when puppies are 10 weeks old. If puppies get half her sweetness they will be amazing additions to 7 families


  • Parents
    • Gortamney sea shells
    • Gortaneys dreamer
  • Grand Parents
    • Lawpark Jethro
    • Gortamney shady lady
    • Rossgilde Debonair
    • Derrycreevy Katie
  • Great Grand Parents
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Irish Ch. Mandingo Lone Star
    • Seamourne Sea Queen
    • Sh Ch Recital Simgold of Camrose
    • Kinlochlagan Pearlie Queen JW
    • Sh ch Recital simgold of camrose
    • Kinlochlagan pearlie queen
    • Kinlochlagen macallan at lawpark
    • Lawpark grand lady
    • Sh ch Recital simgold of camrose
    • Kinlochlagen pearlie queen
    • Marjamez my guy at rossgilde
    • Golmas grace'n favour
    • Salo ben
    • Sheba altmore queen
    • Ruadth david
    • Lovely princess jessie