Avonwolf Bonzo Vox

Vox with 10 months

Vox with 10 months

Owner : Avonwolf
Breed : Belgian Shepherd Malinois
Birthdate : 10th February 2016
Colour : Fawn Black Mask

A male we've kept from our B-litter. He's in training for IPO and shows great potential! He's an absolute tracking talent! Has full and hard grips in protection and the obedience is also coming on very nice. We're excited to see him progress.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Carlo Vom Roten Milan
    • G Dinga Vom Haus Mecki
    • A'Tim Nvbk
    • Assi Vom Unteren Niederrhein
    • El Alamain'S Don
    • Vongraf Linkage
    • Bosko Du Clos Des Grognards
    • Braska De Tchurka La Noire
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sg Kukay'S Vax
    • G Hera-Lee Des Teutones
    • Brando Airport Hannover
    • Sg Fury Des Teutones
    • Rakky Losh 713645
    • Zukarine Nvbk 25139
    • Kukay'S Qas
    • Ilka Von Loewenfels
    • Otis Du Clos Champcheny
    • Uranus Des Deux Pottois
    • Darkov From Marrax Place
    • Vongraf Jewels
    • Ramirez Des Deux Pottois
    • Uranie Des Deux Pottois
    • Malko
    • Vhenus Alsh