Magic Lilys Cariad

Owner : Steven Perkins
Breed : Golden Retriever
Birthdate : 5th August 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Millie is our beautiful 4 Year Old Golden Retriever, she is a much loved addition to our family of four and always brightens our days she is very loyal, affectionate, always aims to please and loves being with us as much as we love being with her. Millie currently lives as an only dog with no other animals but loves spending lots of her time with her Dam Jess who is owned by my parents and our two children who Millie is extremely soft and loving with. Millie enjoys long walks especially if there is somewhere she can take a dip.

We have mated Millie for the first time on the 24th July with a successful tie and an ultrasound at 28 days indicated 6-7 pups.

Millie has never had any health concerns and has been hip and eye tested.