Rosolio Del Campo Dell'oro At Maghullpaws (IMP ITA)



photo by: Maghullpaws

Owner : maghullpaws
Breed : Bloodhound
Birthdate : 2nd June 2015

Vinny rosolio del campo dell'oro is a stunning male with plenty of bone good eyes correct top line . And moves like a dream. Vin was crufts qualified 2016. 2017


  • Parents
    • It ch jambon truffle medievale
    • It ch grocers del campo dell'oro
  • Grand Parents
    • Barnaby rudge
    • Brighton's centieme
    • Paso cup del campo dell'oro
    • Baccarat fillers amblato
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch ned lux cardinal truffle medievale
    • Chimene truffe medievale
    • Ch sh gb chami truffe
    • Mountoak primrose of Brighton
    • vascia agradov
    • Cabernet truffle medievale
    • ch loamys lane's Dillan
    • Ch cacib wisteria famous alhavent
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ambrose truffle medievale
    • Ecus des abbez zibeline
    • Cl brington's tennyson of millvery
    • Ch all ned lux Suisse nostalgie of the lindentrees
    • Cl brightons tennyson of millvery
    • Ch all need lux Suisse nostalgie of the linden-trees
    • Cammonstone havoc
    • Lady Penelope of mountoak
    • Zucchero del campo dell'oro
    • Amalia du noble limier
    • Am rose truffle medievale
    • Ecus des annex zibeline
    • Ch Phenix du hameau de nantilly
    • Ch nostalgie of the linden-trees
    • Scorpio famous alhavant
    • Cac cacib rcacib romance famous alhavant