Sh Ch Winterwell Benjamin Bunny at Ladyhawke JW ShCM

Zak Head Shot

Zak Head Shot

photo by: Andy Pearson

Zak at Show

Zak at Show

photo by: Charles Rayner

Owner : Ladyhawke
Breed : German Shorthaired Pointer
Birthdate : 28th July 2004
Colour : Liver & White Ticked
Health Tested

Health Tests

Zak has a wonderful temperament, he is great to live with, really intelligent and displays natural working instincts inherited we believe from his mother Ch Winterwell Hety Wainthrop.

He also has a successful show career and has 3 CC's & 4 Reserve CC's


Border Union - Zak is awarded his all important 3rd CC and gains his Sh Ch title


Driffield - Zak is awarded his 2nd CC by breed specialist Bill Ashcroft

Southern Counties - Zak is awarded his 4th Reserve CC by breed specialist Martin Harris


Nov 2008 - Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show - Zak awarded his first CC - by Breed Specialist, Sue Ashcroft

'Headed a very strong quality class with some hair splitting decisions. I make no bones about it, I love this lad, he has no exaggerations & lovely eye shape, skull & muzzle of correct length, nicely set on ears, good arched neck into sloping shoulders, well ribbed, good depth of chest & forechest, balanced rear end, good second thigh muscle, coat of good texture, his movement didn't let him down, flowed around the ring'

Aug 2008 - Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show - Zak is awarded his 3rd Reserve CC by Breed Specialist, Alex Stammer.

'......a very well made quality dog, head of lovely proportions, dark eye & kind expression, very good reachof neck into well placed shoulder & good level topline, deep brisket, well sprung rib, good bone, tailset & feet, compact, balanced dog with excellent movement, true & co-ordinated.'


August 2007 - Zak was awarded his Show Certificate of Merit by the Kennel Club.

October 2007 - Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show - Zak was awarded his 2nd Reserve CC. Many thanks to Judge, Jacqui Ward for this special award and her wonderful critique of our boy.

'3 years old and in good hard condition. Good headed dog with a kind eye and melting expression. He has fantastic bodylines, lovely reach of neck, good shoulder and straight front. Well made and muscled hindquarters with well developed second thigh, level topline and good depth of brisket. He moves so soundly with style and drive'.

Zak is available at stud to approved bitches


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
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    • Arabella Brockton Beauty
    • Sh Ch Bryburn the Snob
    • Sh Ch Barleyarch Painted Lady
    • Ch Barleyarch Polka
    • Sh Ch Barleyarch Painted Lady
    • Sh Ch Midlander Sesterius of Vaternish
    • Winterwell Silver Spangler
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Miroku Anton from Dallyvista
    • Sh Ch Hillanhi Laith
    • Ch Midlander Sumatra
    • Katrina of Kolton
    • Sh Ch Inchmarlo Montana
    • Sh Ch Tannahill Weaver of Bryburn
    • Sh Ch Stormridge Midnight
    • Ch Isara Kurzhaar Xanthippe
    • Ch & Ft Ch Stairfoot Sobrig
    • Ch Barleyarch Platinum
    • Sh Ch Stormridge Midnight
    • Ch Isara Kurzhaar Xanthippe
    • Sh Ch Midlander Cisco Kid
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    • Red Clay Ridge at Winterwell