Ch Danemoor The Persian Boy

Ch Danemoor The Persian Boy

photo by: Di Pearce

Breed : Great Dane
4th September 1985 - 7th December 1993

Darius features in the pedigrees of all Danemoor stock to this day - his dam Dorneywood Lucretia was our foundation bitch and a lovely gentle lady who lived for 11 years.

Darius was an extremely sound, substantial boy with a wonderful temperament. A real showman he loved showing and gave us six years of consistent winning. Even as a veteran he gave his all. A dog we are very proud to have bred and who set us on the road to generations of dogs we are proud of.


  • Parents
    • Ch Devarro Direct Descendant
    • Dorneywood Lucretia
  • Grand Parents
    • Devarro Director Bains
    • Dicarl the Autumn of Devarro
    • Ch Walkmyll Trestarragon
    • Dorneywood Gossamer
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch The Contender of Dicarl
    • Dicarl The Lady 'B' of Devarro
    • Impton Borg of Devarro
    • Dicarl The Only Wun
    • Danelagh's Helmund of Walkmyll
    • Ch Stranahan Shan of Walkmyll
    • Danelagh's Eurus of Walkmyll
    • Ch Dorneywood Debonair
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch The Weightlifter of Dicarl
    • Endroma Lucky Loo
    • Ch Dicarl The Heavyweight
    • Sheba of Ivanhoe
    • Ch Airways Wrangler of Impton
    • Impton Gardena of Martincrest
    • Ch Gowerfield Galestorm of Aysdaine
    • Dicarl Tardub
    • Sir Brian Boru of Magnus
    • Dinro Charisma
    • Danelagh's Eurus of Walkmyll
    • Ch eaudan Golden Dawn of Stranahan
    • Geritom's Irish of Wynridge
    • Danelagh's Zelia
    • Ch Clausentum Gulliver
    • Ch oldmanor Maymirth of Dorneywood