Karanberg Ulana

Owner : Voneisen German Shepherd Dogs
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 25th October 2013

Ulana Karanberg - Pet name Lana

Ulana has just got her IPO1 in Germany and will be coming home soon.

Ulana's sire is a working male and her mother is show line. She has very good construction and temperament and we are very excited to get her home again. She is owned in partnership with her breeder Cedric Blackbourne and we are all looking forward to the future with her and our breeding plans.


  • Parents
    • Bruno vom Wallensener Hof
    • Muschka Karanberg
  • Grand Parents
    • Hutch von der Kalten Hardt
    • Chuckie vom Schloss Laer
    • Quentin Karenberg
    • Yasmin Karenberg
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Bandit vom Oberhausener Kreuz
    • Iola vom Fegelhoff
    • Ingo vom Haus Lohe
    • Ghana von der Galten Hardt
    • Yasko vom Farbenspiel
    • Mary von Tronje
    • Indo von der Bildeiche
    • Zimba vom Hirschel
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Urus von Batu