Brumberhill Back T' Future JW

Roly winning his first CC & BOB at 15 1/2 months.

Roly winning his first CC & BOB at 15 1/2 months.

photo by: Norma Ellis

Brumberhill Back T' Future, as a Yearling.

Brumberhill Back T' Future, as a Yearling.

photo by: Stewart McPherson

Brumberhill Back T' Future, at 11 months

Brumberhill Back T' Future, at 11 months

photo by: Stewart McPherson

Owner : Brumberhill
Breed : Border Terrier
Birthdate : 30th May 2015
Colour : Blue & Tan

Roly, aka Brumberhill Back T' Future, is a blue and tan with a super head and expression, excellent, narrow bodylines and quite exceptional on the move, with a long, easy stride.

His sire, Ch. Tythrop Tapas, is a dual Crufts BOB winner and his dam, Brumberhill Blue Sky, litter sister to Swedish Ch. Brumberhill Brigadoon, is a Res CC winning grand daughter of Ch. Brumberhill Betwixt ShCM, the Bitch Record Holder.

Top winning UK Junior '16.

1st Puppy Dog, 1st Novice Dog, Best Puppy - Birmingham National '16 - Peter Bakewell (Norwelston), who wrote "good outline and overall balance, masculine head, dark eye, keen expression, nice neck and shoulders, good soundly made quarters fore and aft, nice ribs, good tailset. Moved very well. Best Puppy"
2nd Hound/Terrier Puppy Dog Stakes - Andrew Brace (Tragband),
Terrier Puppy Group 4 - Frank Kane (Hirontower), who wrote " This b/t is very forward & is well made & moves well holding his good shape. In excellent coat"

1st Junior - Three Counties '16 - Sarah Dandy (Dandale ), who wrote "Winner of a strong class. Striking B/T boy with plenty of style, presenting a lovely outline. Handsome, typical head of excellent proportion and expression. Good neck into a cleanly defined wither, with correctly proportioned front assembly, balanced with well-constructed muscular but racy hindquarters with second thigh, and well let down strong firm hocks used to great effect on the move. Has a good length of body, firm topline, good croup and tailset, balanced with lovely underline, a length of rib and strong loin. Impressed me moving, demonstrating free and easy movement with a ground covering stride, holding his topline on the move. Presented in immaculate order with quality coat. Was a serious contender today, just needs a little time."

1st Junior, 1st Post Graduate, BOB, Group 3 - Harrogate & District CS '16 - John Thirlwell ( Ferndel), who wrote "Quality young dog with plenty of bone & substance. Pleasing head, body & quarters. Shown in hard condition with good coat, moved well"

1st Junior, BOB, Group 1 - Scarborough & District CA '16 - Bert Easdon (Yakee), who wrote "otter-like head with dark eyes giving a keen expression, masculine appearance, small thickish ears, deep narrow body, small feet, hard thick coat, moved well, BOB"

1st Junior, 1st Post Graduate, 1st Open, BOB - Ryedale & Pickering Lyth Agricultural Show '16 - Sally Shields ( Wilholme), who wrote " super blue 14 month old dog, liked everything about him, good head and eye, excellent body proportions. Correct front, just right for bone. Shown in good hard condition with good harsh coat, moved soundly with style. BOB"
Shortlisted to last 10 for BIS - Ernie Paterson (Camarque)

1st Junior, CC & BOB Richmond '16 - David Shields (Wilholme),who wrote "Beautifully made, stunning outline and built on clean and flowing lines but still has that appearance of a ‘ working terrier’ that the standard asks for. Good head, eye and expression, one of the best fronts on the day, firm topline that he holds on the move and strong well muscled quarters. Put down in excellent jacket and condition, soundest of movers, CC & BOB"
Group Shortlisted - Susan Kealy.

1st Junior - Darlington '16 - Mark Lowry (Ravenside), who wrote "Blue and tan that stood out in this class. Excellent head with keen dark eye, good earset.. Big white teeth. Thick double coat with loose pelt with the very best well-muscled hind quarters. Promising"

1st Junior, 1st Post Graduate - Driffield '16 - Jane Roberts (Smalesmouth), who wrote "Lively 16 month blue and tan. I think he has some maturing to do until he is at his best, but a very well constructed masculine dog. He has an excellent head with keen expression and large teeth. Excels in neck and shoulder. He has a good length of rib, excellent topline and tail set. Used his hind quarters to advantage on the move where he covered the ground really well. Very fit and shown in tremendous depth of coat with thick pelt. Considered for top honours but lost out on maturity to the older dogs in the challenge"

1st Junior, 1st Post Graduate - SWKA '16 - John Bainbridge (Risdene), who wrote "Blue and tan that can tend to over show himself but when relaxed shows his correct confirmation that he uses well on the move, in full coat that made him look heavy in wither but he was fine here and no doubt this coat will come off for other judges"

1st Junior, 1st Yearling, Res CC - Midland Counties '16 - Jean Willetts (Hanway), who wrote "Well made stylish b/t. Correct head, eye and expression with big teeth, good length of neck, flowing into well laid shoulders, well ribbed up body, strong in loin, super hindquarters, moved round the ring with drive and keeping his topline and tailset. Res DCC"

1st Yearling - East Anglian BTC '17 - Jayne Gilliam (Orenburg), who wrote " B&T with a good profile in the stack, narrow across the shoulders and lovely rib and rock solid topline. Moved with drive off well angulated hindquarters, needs to settle in front movement. Stood away in his class but looked immature against his older peers in the challenge."

1st Yearling - WELKS '17 - Laura Illingworth (Thorneyhurst), who wrote " Liked this lads top line which he holds true on the move, tail set on well, strong well angulated quarters producing plenty of drive"