Glebevonwood Blue Lady At Rildellavita

Owner : Rildellavita
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 18th August 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Bella, Our gorgeous Long coat blue and tan bi colour.
Such a lovely (but naughty) character. This Girl is mum to our wonderful liver sable Tarquinn


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Icemeads Levi Blue Jeans At Losiradream
    • Icemeads Miss Congeniality
    • Coneywoods Our Alfie Of Rebeckmar
    • Jestony Sky Breeze
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Aristima Special Edition At Mountsett
    • Rushlands True Blue At Icemeads
    • Icemeads Mr.Copperbottom (IMP USA)
    • Wolverinbear Miss Perfect
    • Coneywoods Faithful Beau
    • Khanjar Keilor From Aristima
    • Dortmundline Blue Rhino At Jestony
    • Daraclove Scarlet Woman At Jestony
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Lorija Honaw At Aristima
    • Khanjar Keilor From Aristima
    • Blue Horizons At Rushmeads
    • Rushlands Jazz Dancer
    • Kotars Rex
    • Madeline Mystic Valencheck
    • Dortmundline Blue Predator of Wolverinbear
    • Aristima Blue Bird
    • Dark Racer Of Coneywoods
    • Rookney White Brite Az Brite
    • Whiskey Lad
    • Shylar Sanara
    • Russian Rhino At Dortmundline
    • Blue Spirits Desire At Dortmundline
    • Vanillia Moon
    • Coneywoods Harmony