Christiol Miss Money Penny

Trimmed for summer and pregnant

Trimmed for summer and pregnant

Owner : Sarah Doyle
Breed : Cocker Spaniel
Birthdate : 22nd May 2014

Vet checked,vaccinated, beutiful much loved pet first litter


  • Parents
    • Claramand chances are for Christiol JW ShCM
    • Christol Indiana Jones
  • Grand Parents
    • Claramand hells angel JW
    • Judika little mischief
    • Christol billie the kid
    • Shanaurdvarn shady lady at christol
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Claramand the man in black JW
    • Paisley's quite a bit of claramand
    • SH CH Judika lapwing
    • Judika Pocahontas
    • Kamunting chasing dreams for christol
    • Christol chance to dream
    • Knights pan cute.N. Cuddly
    • Christol light my fire
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Claramand hot shot JW
    • Sh Ch Claramand so sad cinderella JW
    • Claramand.B.serious SH.CH J.W
    • Paisley's Jewel of the night N.CH
    • Cardamin cardinal
    • Judika black swan SH.CH
    • Asquanns glenfiddick SH.CH
    • Judoka Japan dreaming SH.CH
    • Asquanns gillespie SH.CH
    • Asquanns georgette SH.CH
    • Claramand chances are for chrisiol SH.CH J.W
    • Claramand christial gaze over christol
    • Cardamine lionheart
    • Sweet sherry wine at knightspan
    • Claramand inferno at christiol J.W
    • Christiol gold velvet