Ourfairview Charlie Tango

Owner : Alchazandis
Breed : St Bernard
Birthdate : 28th April 2013
Health Tested

Health Tests

Willow joined the Alchazandis gang when I collected her on behalf of her breeder Cheri from an owner who had claimed the dog had significant behavioural issues. Willow had already been returned once, as a young adult, from a pet home, but for very genuine reasons,that is just what happens sometimes.. her breeder had hipscored her, thought she was a nice dog, and let a novice exhibitor to the breed take her with a view to her founding their breeding programme.. So, when the call came that there were problems, she had a dilemma.. She had young pups herself at the time, could she really risk bringing in a 'bad dog?'.On the other hand, she is a breeder with a belief that responsibility is for life.. but how could she organise a new home remotely, would it truly be responsible if the dog was as bad as portrayed? Well, Cheri had in the past offered me help. (breeders do help each other).. so I said I would take and assess this dog,and bring her all the way home to Cheri if she truly was as bad as she was portrayed or work with her and place her myself in a pet home ..well, apart from being 10kg underweight. with a severe ear infection and very very nervous of people when I first met her, this dog has never shown the behaviours which had been attributed to her. She has bloomed, and I have a lovely dog. She loves swimming and paddling and runs free when we walk in public places as the nervousness evaporated , and her recall is great! Willow's hip score is a little higher than many dogs I breed, but lower than most St. Bernardbreeders are concerned, inded regrettably there still just is not enough information out there. I have seen her score sheets and her sister's results, a bitch Cheri reared herself with far lower scores, and a beautiful sound pup of her sister's and I am comfortable that the scores relate to possible early influences in the first pet home. But any matings would only be to dogs of lower scores as it is always good practice to mitigate against potential faults when breeding. Willow now is a very different dog to the one I met six months ago, she's 15kg heavier for starters, which she needed, her ears and teeth are clean, and she is a biddable lovely dog. And has some very good qualities which I am pleased to be able to take forward into Alchazandis dogs of the future