Charney Haruna

Breed : Japanese Spitz
Birthdate : 12th September 2015

Jewels is a playful girl from the well known Charney Kennels,
she is sired by the gorgeous Quincy and Ch Dulcie.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • We-Sedso Noblewhite Andrei
    • Tanjobi Hoshi at Charney
    • Gordorna Kaira Nismo
    • Charney Kirei Na
    • Enfloy'Z Oeddie Xellent Like Floy
    • Lumivyoryn Leste Brilhante
    • Ch Charney Pawa hoshi
    • Charney Chowa Hoshi
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Aiganai
    • Zlata V Rollenden Haus
    • Gordorna Atatakai Chokoreto
    • Charney Hoshi Zora
    • Tawvale Uranaisha at Charney
    • Gordorna Shiro Naishinno
    • Gordorna White Shogun
    • Lyndi Reflection with Charney (Ikc)
    • Mellskogen'S Xellent Rune of Floy
    • Enfloy'Z Novaah-Lee A Charmant Lady
    • Kikuchiyo of Shonan Sumiresow Jp
    • Little Yokohama Arisa
    • Ch Gordorna Atakai Chokeretto
    • Charney kaede Hoshi
    • Ch Ferrybelle Ice Master at Charney
    • Charney Hana