Little Ripper Seezer

Owner : Zack Wilson-Pope
Breed : Bulldog
Birthdate : 15th July 2014
Colour : Red & White
Health Tested

Health Tests

Dexter is our 2.5 year old fully K/C registered, Red and White English Bulldog.
He has a fantastic temperament, is great around children and other dogs. He has a great attitude towards training, is very obedient and a quick learner. Dexter is an extremely healthy dog holding both his BRONZE and SILVER Health certificates from the Bulldog Breed Council. These certificates have cleared him of any respiratory, bone structural, tail and skin problems that are commonly linked with this breed. He has also been HUU and Putman tested.
He is a very active with boy with a tiny waist, wide shoulders and a large head. He is now at the correct age and we feel he would be a fantastic stud. Dexter is not yet proven therefore a fee of 300 will be in place until Dexter has sired his first litter.

We offer AI for mating if Required.

Please feel free to contact us for any more information.
Plenty more pictures and videos available on request.


  • Parents
    • Tyson Sezer
    • Loopy Lou's Lass
  • Grand Parents
    • BritishPride Royal Ascot
    • Scarlet Miss Charlott
    • Smartboy Tyson
    • Little Loopy Lou
  • Great Grand Parents
  • Great Great Grand Parents
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    • Britishpride Philosphy
    • Britishpride Power'n Glory
    • Britishpride Philosphy
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