Kentredecim Valentines Boy For Rildellavita

Kentredecim Valentines Boy For Rildellavita -Emrys

Kentredecim Valentines Boy For Rildellavita -Emrys

photo by: Robert Martin

Owner : Rildellavita
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 24th November 2013
Colour : Black & Tan
Health Tested

Health Tests

Came to us at 9 weeks old. Obedient, easily trained. Wonderful hips of 6/12 elbows 0/0
Good steady boy, eager to please, cheerful and kind.
Untested for colour has priduced most sables including black masked gold sable. Two of his daughters can be seen. Throws very thick, long coated puppies with steady nerves. Straight backed.


  • Parents
    • Handsome Hero Callum
    • Jestony What The Hell Mikel
  • Grand Parents
    • Hero Vom Luberg (IMP DEU)
    • Vongalanberg Kraska
    • Rebeckmar's In The Dawn At Jestony
    • Jestony Spiritual Desert
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Raccoon's Daucus
    • Isabell Vom Spadener Holz
    • Manus V. Tiekerhook (IMP DEU)
    • Vongalanberg Amber
    • Coneywoods Our Alfie Of Rebeckmar
    • Lytracaney Bessie Girl
    • Dortmundline Blue Rhino At Jestony
    • Daraclove Scarlet Women At Jestony
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Troll Vom Haus Milinda
    • Gina Vom Haus Immendorf
    • Lasco Westfalenspross
    • Wicki Von Den Wannaer Hohen
    • Nick Vom Heiligenbosch
    • Taila V. Tiekerhook
    • Zidane Van't Leefdaalhof
    • Curie Galan Nalag (IMP CZE)
    • Coneywoods Faithful Beau
    • Khanjar Keilor From Aristima
    • Toranaga Shades At Sunset
    • Lytracaney Shari Skelton
    • Russian Rhino At Dortmundline
    • Blue Spirits Desire At Dortmundline
    • Vanilla Moon
    • Coneywoods Harmony