Winter Harly Meadow

Owner : Philippa Lavers
Breed : English Springer Spaniel
Birthdate : 12th February 2011

Harley is a very handsome, big built dog. He draws admiration from everyone!
Although he has proven a natural ability in the field, he has mostly been my pet and companion.
He has a wonderful temperament, very placid and calm around the home. A very special dog with a big heart.


  • Parents
    • Boy of Hollow
    • Larkwhistle Millie
  • Grand Parents
    • Rytex Ronni of Conhol
    • Pure Shine Diamond
    • Super Mark
    • Dever Spring
  • Great Grand Parents
    • FTCH Kettlestang Comet
    • FTCH Rytex Roel
    • Chilview Bumble
    • Brook of Mendip
    • Kristys Moor
    • Keeperscourt Colleen
    • Fred Blue Zulu
    • Kenmillone Myrtle
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • FTCH Trebornil Tact
    • Maesydderwen Magic
    • FTCH Kennie Robb of Rytex
    • FTCH Poppet of Balscote
    • FTCH Jenoren Boss
    • Dans Beau of Chilview
    • Raft Race
    • Mendip Clover
    • Anahoe Dougie of Drumross
    • Limehill Buzzard
    • FTCH Rytex Rod
    • Jenoren Honey
    • Balachan Cadalach
    • Mickey Finnock
    • Cedar Shadow
    • Helsarcrwys Spice