Postavolgyi Hubertus Bator (IMP HUN)



Owner : Travizda Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla
Breed : Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
Birthdate : 1st November 2014
Colour : Russet Gold
Health Tested

Health Tests

Duke "Postavolgti Hubertus Bator" is a Hungarian Import from working lines who joined our family in 2015, he is a handsome dog with an excellent temperament and has just finished his first working season on our own shoot, he is very much part of our family and is good with children.
He has the longer wire coat is intelligent, comical and everything a vizsla should be.
He is KC registered, Hip scored and HUU tested.


  • Parents
    • Pospataki Drotos Jozsa
    • Mezofoldi Kajtato Etyke
  • Grand Parents
    • Pospataki Drotos Arthur
    • Furdohazi Fruska
    • Szelvigyazo Garaboncias Furge
    • Mezofoldi Kajtato Mesi
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Betyar Z Malookocskej
    • Furdohazi Sari
    • Pospataki Drotos Bator
    • Palotasmenti Dolli
    • Csovarberki Domper
    • Beki
    • Mezofoldi Kajtato Furge
    • Mezofoldi Kajtato Conde
  • Great Great Grand Parents