Minyors Picture Perfect at UtopianFluff

Owner : UtopianFluff
Breed : Miniature Poodle
Birthdate : 25th March 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • GM2 : Clear - 4th October 2016
  • DM : Clear - 19th October 2015
  • OC : Clear - 19th October 2015
  • NE : Clear - 19th October 2015
  • vWD (Type I) : Clear for types 1 and 2 - 19th October 2015
  • prcd-PRA : Hereditary Clear - 25th March 2014

Pet name Mixtieqa (Pronounced Mishty), meaning "desirable". This girl is a perfect silver miniature poodle.

Mixtieqa is raw fed and has a clear BVA eye exam as well as being genetically clear of pra prcd.

She has been genetically tested and is all clear of:

Degenerative Myelopathy

Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures


Von Willebrand 1

Von Willebrand 11


Update June 2016 Mixtieqa has just started training in IPO (obedience, tracking and protection).

Mixtieqa loves to swim, retrieve, obedience train and her biggest passion is agility. She's only ever been in two agility competitions and came second in her first and first in her second which, of course, is amazing. We just aren't competitive people, so haven't taken her further.

She is very calm around the home and is particularly attached to my teenage son, who has Asperger's syndrome. She really is a perfect all rounder!

Mishty has her gold kc good citizen award.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch. Kallista'S Sailin On In Silver
    • Ch. Freeland'S Fairen
    • Its Wages
    • Polar Kayi
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Mach2 Kallista'S Silver Sails Aloft
    • Kallista'S Kameo
    • Ch. Solgay'S Sterling Geronimo
    • Ch. Freeland'S Faniola
    • Montravia Brown Sorrento
    • Una Tia Luso
    • Captain Nelson
    • Diamond Eyes
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Tully Fog of Midnight
    • Ch. Kallista'S Cartier of Aery
    • Ch. Kallista-Kamann Silver Streak
    • Kallista'S Kisses N' Cream
    • Ch. Freeland'S Fabrice
    • Solgay'S Stamped In Sterling
    • Ch. Freeland'S Faneuil
    • Ch. Freeland'S Fabiola
    • Montravia Charlie Brown
    • Montravia Dream of Magic
    • Shiryma Im Your Man
    • Mambo Jambo
    • Faunook Flamboyant at Minarets
    • Playful Daddy's Girl
    • Milandia Captain Scarlet
    • Chrystal Snow Flake