Willowmine Beau Belle to Nailsit

Breed : Standard Poodle
Birthdate : 11th November 2009


  • Parents
    • Montravia Story Maker
    • Willowmine Sinful Legacy
  • Grand Parents
    • Montravia Gunners Return
    • Montravia Star Maker
    • Willowmine Serge De Nimes JW SHCM
    • Willowmine Wicked Legacy
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Montravia Tomahawk
    • Montravia Chasing the Gun
    • Ch Del Zarzoso Fin-De-Siglo at Namkia IMP
    • Donna Me for Montravia
    • Vanitonia High Profile
    • Willowmine The Primodonna
    • Montravia Fun n' games for Willowmine JDC
    • Osoluvlee Willows Legacy to Willowmine
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Cygni Nighthawk IMP
    • Ch Montravia Guns n' gossip
    • Montravia Guns Ahoy
    • Montravia Guns n' Garters
    • Am Ch Trelarken's Turn Back Time
    • Maneetas Delzarzoso Goyesca
    • Ch Montravia Don Jose
    • Kossab all Talk at Terendak
    • Ch Magin Masterpiece for Kamarri JW
    • Vanitonia Also Political
    • Chorus Line Darin for Vanitonia IMP
    • Osoluvlee Willows Legacy to Willowmine
    • Teilwood Tomorrow Explodes Over Vanitonia
    • Montana You Sinful Bitch JDC
    • Montravia Gun for Victory of Osoluvlee
    • Vanitonia Kraka Surprise