Cwmdarhian lady in red for Diamonddax JW Shcm

Cwmdarhian lady in red for Diamonddax JW

Cwmdarhian lady in red for Diamonddax JW

Owner : Diamonddax
Breed : Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund
Birthdate : 9th June 2014

The youngest in my show team " bindi" has had a great first year in the ring and gained her junior warrant and ShCm at just under 18 months old and took part in the Jw semi finals at discover dogs


  • Parents
    • Cwmdarhian to hot to handle
    • Cwmdarhian dolce gabanna
  • Grand Parents
    • Siouxline Thomas jw shcm
    • Celtichills lady Enid at cwmdarhian
    • Cwmdarhian the sun dance kid ( Japanese champion)
    • Cwmdarhian Moulin Rouge
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Darisca dennison
    • Siouxline maybella
    • Big Ben at celtichills
    • Bremen Beatrice
    • Cwmdarhian billy the kid
    • Cwmdarhian red hot gossip
    • Cwmdarhian Too Hot To Handle
    • Radclyffe Pernis
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Siouxline Thomas JW ShCM
    • Celtichills Lady Enid at Cwmdarhian
    • Ch Radclyffe Melanocorypha
    • Radclyffe Monticola