Kenmilleven Dark Dream

Breed : Labrador Retriever
Health Tested

Health Tests


  • Parents
    • Willow of Parkdale
    • Dealorm Hyksos
  • Grand Parents
    • Autumnal Breeze of Glensue
    • Glensue Coney
    • Gipsy De La Verna (Imp CHE)
    • Kenmillto Sapphire Sun
  • Great Grand Parents
    • FT CH Glenbriar Solo
    • Drakeshead Hazel
    • Staindrop Scree of Glensue
    • Haskayne Cherry of Glensue
    • New Swing Labrador's V D Rothallen
    • Xilla of Chestnut Creek
    • Xiphias Sapphire Geeorge
    • Kakadjo Morning Star
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • FT CH Pocklea Remus
    • IR FT CH Glenbrair Quest
    • FT CH Spioncop Rum of Drakeshead
    • Raughlin Ruby of Drakeshead
    • FT CH IR FT CHHeatherbank Alex of Tasco
    • Tasco Thyme of Staindrop
    • Dragdaffin Benjie
    • Haskayne Reaver
    • Yellow Clint V.Shibo's Home
    • Kimba Labrador's VD Rothallen
    • Swiss CH Keep It Up Boy of Chestnut Creek
    • Receiver's Ginger Bits of Crooked House
    • Astyn Freedon of Lewes
    • Astyn Golden Girl
    • Ebony Flashman
    • Gipsy Lass of Kokadjo