CalvaXar Black Swan (Jnr Lux Ch BJW16)

Bella 9.5 months old

Bella 9.5 months old

photo by: Calvaxar

Bella 12 weeks old

Bella 12 weeks old

photo by: Sam Jones

Owner : CalvaXar
Breed : Pinscher
Birthdate : 26th September 2015
Health Tested

Health Tests

Dilute: DD by parentage

Meet Bella

We had no intentions on keeping another puppy, that was until we stacked the pups up at 7 weeks.

Meet the first Black and Tan German Pinscher to join our family.

3 Best Puppy in Breed

1 Best Junior in Breed

2 Reserve Best Bitch

1 Best Bitch

Top Puppy 2016


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Am Grand Ch Xitamiz Spartacuz
    • Am Ch Legacys Heart of Gold for Hickson
    • Ceriinan Quiero To Aritaur (Ww12)
    • Pol Ch Xitamix Xpensive Gem
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Swed Ch Xitamiz Kaxe
    • Se No Ch Xitamiz Moira
    • Am Ch Clefells Midas
    • Lilla Enebys Onskad
    • Fin Ch Ceriinan Ivar
    • Fin Ch Ceriinan Malaya
    • Swed Ch Xitamix Kaxe
    • Nevars Joyful
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Fin Ch Laatain Baron
    • Su Ch Xitamiz Elaiza
    • Swed Ch Xitamiz Hickory
    • Xitamiz Gehenna
    • Fin Lt Ch Clefells Lionheart
    • Idacos Isabella
    • Swed Ch Lilla Enebys Leonardo
    • Su Ch Jagastamms Abilene Lena
    • Swed Ch Lilla Enebys Leonardo
    • Fin Ch Ceriinan Dahlia
    • Fin Ch Ceriinan Arnold
    • Fin Ch Tequila Black Bohemia
    • Fin Ch Laatain Baron
    • Xilamix Elaiza
    • Multi Ch Xitamiz Moltaz
    • Ravenred Annie Oakley