Ch. Treis Pinheiros Obi Kenobi SW (IMP ESP) ShCM

Ch. Treis Pinheiros Obi Kenobi SW (IMP ESP)

Ch. Treis Pinheiros Obi Kenobi SW (IMP ESP)

Obi, CC & BOS Crufts '16

Obi, CC & BOS Crufts '16

photo by: Stewart McPherson

Obi winning Group 4 at Three Counties '16

Obi winning Group 4 at Three Counties '16

photo by: Stewart McPherson

Owner : Brumberhill
Breed : Wire Haired Dachshund
Birthdate : 13th December 2013
Colour : Wild Boar

Obi, aka Treis Pinheiros Obi Kenobi SW (IMP ESP), was born in Brazil, at the world famous Treis Pinheiros Kennel, owned by Patricia Romanelli and Carlos Pedroso Neto. Living in Spain, for a while, with Miguel Calvo Gomez, he has now joined the team, owned by myself and Peter Paterson.

He is now a U.K. Champion.

He will be available, at stud, to strictly approved bitches.

On his UK debut, BOB at Manchester Ch. Show - Judge Tom Mather (Barklots) who wrote " Presented a very good outline with his proud carriage and good neck and shoulders. Good length of head, dark eye. Well ribbed. Moved out well with some drive from the rear. Best Dog. BOB"

1st Limit - Southern Dachshund Association '16 - John Bennett (Shardaroba) who wrote " A good, sound, all round dog, good shaped head, nice reach of neck, excellent shoulders onto tight well kept feet. Moved well and kept his topline at all times. A super dog to go over with a promising future",

1st Limit, CC & BOS - Crufts '16 - Fran Mitchell (Bronia) who wrote "I thought this dog was absolutely super, correct head and dark almond eye, good ear set, good neck running into well laid shoulder, good pro-sternum, excellent ribbing, correctly balanced quarters, good bone and feet, moved correctly fore and aft and in profile, super reach and drive keeping a super outline. My CC winner today. Loved him"

1st Limit - Birmingham National '16 - Derek Smith (Clickham), who wrote " all male with a super head, eye & leathers, lengthy neck, good front & feet, lovely bone, ribbing, body & topline, strong rear & a super mover, very good coat & presentation"

1st Limit - SKC (May)'16 - Rachel Barney (Verammi), who wrote " masculine head with super neck & forehand, well ribbed back & good rear. Moved out well & kept his flowing lines. Did give his handler a rather hard time on the stack"

1st Limit - Southern Counties '16 - Howard Ogden (Beauview), who wrote " 2˝ years, long enough in his proportions as against height at withers & personally would prefer eye one shade darker but that's about it! A class act with that noble head carriage aided by a long, slightly arched, neck, conical head through to strong, yet tapered, muzzle, excellent forehand, balanced angulation fore & aft, excellent bone & feet, firm backline with corresponding underline, well ribbed back, harsh jacket, moved true with long stride as his structure predicted. Ranked him 3rd best male today but a certain champion any day soon"

1st Open, Best Dog & BOB - Three Counties '16 - John Thirlwell (Ferndel), who wrote " top quality dog who has a clean refined head with good eye, lovely neck & shoulders in a deep well constructed front & well ribbed & proportioned body. Strong topline good well muscled hindquarters & a harsh well presented coat. Moved soundly with reach & drive. BD & BOB, pleased to see him go G4"

Group 4 - Three Counties '16 - Jan Pain (Ravensbeech), who wrote " masculine stallion hound with substance & great quality. Beautifully balanced all through, attractive head, good keel, forehand & ribbing, in hard muscular condition & topped with a harsh coat, excelled on the move."

1st Open, Best Dog & BOB - Border Union '16 - Jane Howells ( Fallowmill), who wrote " my notes say wow! An impressive looking dark brindle, beautiful correct head that is masculine & “houndy”, a dark almond shaped eye, with a strong, long arched neck. His forequarters are beautifully constructed, lovely layback to shoulder, with a good return of upper arm, prominent pro-sternum, an oval, well filled in thorax that has plenty of width through a deep brisket, lovely long keel, supporting ribbing that is well sprung, & is carried well back to a short, strong loin. He has a broad well developed rump with “hammy” thighs & a well turned stifle. He stands on good bone with neat feet, has a super wire jacket that was beautifully presented. All of these attributes enabling him to move around the ring on a free & easy stride with reach & drive, elbows neatly tucked in by his side, maintaining his topline at all times, & is true & parallel when moving away & back. In my opinion, he is a real stallion of a hound & presents a beautiful picture of everything balanced & in proportion when stacked & moving, with nothing being exaggerated, everything fits together. I had no hesitation in awarding him BD, BOB & later on watched him being shortlisted in the hound group. Congratulations!"

Group Shortlisted - Border Union '16 - Phil Freer (Switherland)

1st Open, BOB - Cheshire County '16 - Moray Armstrong (Bitcon), who wrote "a super dog from any angle, classic head, eye & expression, good keel, super neck & shoulders, good length of rib, strong topline, well muscled quarters, moved well in tip top body & pinwire coat"

Group 3 - Cheshire County '16 - Tom Johnston (Feldkirk), who wrote " conical head shape & good eye, very good neck & length body, muscular rear & in good coat, free flowing mover with good outline"

1st Limit - Blackpool '16 - Sandra Marshall ( Lowerdon)

1st AVNSC Open, Best AVNSC, Group 1 - Harrogate & District CS '16 - John Thirlwell (Ferndel), who wrote "quality dog who I have placed highly before, shown in lovely coat & condition. Presents a balanced outline standing & on the move which he does soundly with great rear movement "
Res BIS - Moray Armstrong ( Bitcon)

1st Open, BOB - Scarborough & District CA '16 - Claire Kennedy (Denkena), who wrote "wow what a dog, stormed in the ring with purpose & drive, excellent temperament, ever so much the showdog. Lovely head, correct bite, correct earset, long arched neck leading to well laid back shoulders, good feet, good length of ribbing, well angulated front & rear. Presented & handled well, loved him"
Group 3 - Billy Rowell (Emmajesk)

1st Limit - Welsh KC '16 - Jill Peak (Bayard)

1st Open, Best Dog & BOB - City of Birmingham '16 - Steve Rose ( Ridanflight) who wrote " another stallion of a male that left you in no doubt he is all dachshund. super head, front assembly,feet, bone and body properties giving him correct height to length ratios and good ground clearance,
he moved out with great style and purpose BOB"

Group Shortlisted - Ben Reynolds Frost

1st Open Dog & BOS - Northern Counties Dachshund Association '16 - Antony Bongiovanni (Ankors)

1st Open Dog, Best Dog & BOB - Darlington ''16 - Ken Andrew, who wrote "very nice dog, correct head with good length of neck, correct construction which allows good movement "

1st AVNSC Hound, Best AVNSC, Hound Group 1 - Ian Sexton - Pollard Canine Society '16, who wrote "at 2 year old he is an excellent example of the breed, he impressed me immediately with his masculinity & overall balance & conformation, everything is in the right place & this showed when he moved. Masculine head of the correct proportions, strong muzzle & the correct bite, ears well set on & carried correctly, long, strong neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest & a prominent breast bone. Rib cage carried well back & the correct underline, level back with a slight rise over his loin, strong well angulated rearquarters & the correct feet, coat in good condition & of the correct texture. BNSC, G1 & very pleased to watch as he was awarded a very well deserved BIS"
BIS - Melanie Harwood (Minarets)

1st Open, CC, BOS & Res. BOB - Great Joint Dachshund Association '16 - Janet McLeod (Janjac), who wrote "A quality class. 1 McPherson & Paterson’s Tres Pinheiros Obi Kenobi, an outstanding masculine brindle, I loved his head & expression, reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good length & spring of rib, super hind angulation, tight feet, so sound & free moving, maintaining a perfect outline at all times, his coat presentation & muscletone were superb, I was delighted to award him his 2nd CC & hope his crown is not far away, I loved him. CC & RBOB"

3rd Open - Dachshund Club '16 - Mark Coccozza (Freecloud)

1st Open, BOB - South Yorkshire Hound Society Open '16 - Jimmy Johnston-White (Gioia),
BIS - Helen Geeson ( Abydachs), who wrote
"BIS - McPherson & Paterson’s Treis Pinheiros Obi Kenobi SW (IMP ESP) GCH – Super W/H Dachshund male who looked a picture in the BIS line up. Super masculine head, good length of neck leading into correct shoulders with good length of upper arm and good pro-sternum. Good length of ribbing and strong loin. Correct hindquarters allowed him to power round the ring and he also has that showmanship that gives them that bit of extra sparkle. He was pushed all the way by the lovely veteran Beagle but he couldn’t be denied BIS. I’m sure he will get his crown soon!!"

1st Open, CC & BOS - LKA '16 - Emily Mitchell ( Bronia), who wrote " Beautifully balanced dog. Elegant male with lovely head and reach of neck, lovely lay of shoulder and return of upper arm with balanced quarters. Excelled in movement with lovely reach and drive."


  • Parents
    • Am.Ch, Braz. Gr. Ch.Treis Pinheiros Buon Appetito SW
    • Braz. Ch.Treis Pinheiros Tequila
  • Grand Parents
    • Braz. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Irish Fighter
    • Am. Uru. Ch. Starbarrack Treis Pinheiros Sage SW
    • Braz, Ch. Treis Pinheiros Kensington SW
    • Braz. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Amber SW
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am,Can,Braz, Arg,Uru Ch. Starhaven Andrew W
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Fan Dancer SW
    • UK & Am. Ch. Starbarrack Bone Appetit SW (IMP USA)
    • Am. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Starbarrack Annie
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Escoffier
    • Am & Braz. Ch. Usonia Lakota Treis Pinheiros
    • World, Braz, Indian Ch. Treis Pinheiros Quo Vadis
    • Black Money's Dandara SWD
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am. Ch. Robinswood Rough Cut W
    • Am. Ch. Solo’s Marina W
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Malachite SW
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Fan The Flames SW
    • Am,Can,Braz,Arg,Uru. Ch. Starhaven Andrew W
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Fandango SW
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Escoffier SW
    • Am. & Braz. Ch Usonia Lakoto Treis Pinheiros
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Malachite SW
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Fan The Flames SW
    • Am. Ch. Usonias Cherokee Of Neudorf
    • Starhaven Laura Louise SW
    • Am, Can, Braz. Ch. Starbarrack Food For Thought
    • Braz. Ch.Rainmaker SW Treis Pinheiros.
    • Braz. Ch.Treis Pinheiros Irish Fighter
    • Black Money’s Blond Whisper SW