Special Appearance



photo by: Taysidesharpei

Owner : Allanaquoich
Breed : Shar Pei
Birthdate : 17th April 2013

Evie's Story

Evie is my adorable Isabella brush coat girl born April 2013.

At the outset Evie has had a very strong personality, and indeed that has developed over the years to the extent that she is the "alpha female" of the family, taking all of the other girls under her wing and protecting them at all times.

Contrary to her being the top female she is extremely loyal to us, and when she is happy or welcoming us her whole body wags from tail to head and she walks towards us with a dance in her step...its funny to see !!!!


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Hun Ch Ruby Red Tea Putto Picasso
    • Ruby Red Mystheria Victoria'S Secret
    • Penski's blue us all the way
    • Bella Our Lilac Princess
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Tai Ju An Tezei
    • Epics Tea at Ruby Red
    • Ruby Red Tea Goffry
    • Mystheria Lilac Pu Ang
    • Sharamkra Jack Alix of Leigh With Penski
    • Palade to White Princess with Penski
    • Rainbodragon Lilac Ted
    • Valdaro Royal Queen
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Rojal Sapphire Grand Misty Duke
    • Antuan Tai-Li Olana
    • Brookside'S Huckieberry Hound
    • Epics N Brooksides Penelope
    • Tai Ju Tezei
    • Epics Tea at Ruby Red
    • Epics Lilac Dee Jay Z Dynastie
    • Super Chocolate Iz Kitaiskogo Kvatala
    • Sea-blue Del BochoDel Peandorky (IMP Spain)
    • PulushpeChanel of Sharamka with Peandorky (IMP USA)
    • Paledeto Red Boy
    • Paledeto Isabella
    • Sharamka Ozzie to Rainbodragon
    • Lil Orphan Lila of Rainbodragon (IMP USA)
    • Rainbodragon Lilac Oscar
    • Joranbugem Top Form