Owner : Shonemalick
Breed : Great Dane
Birthdate : 16th April 2014

Spirit is a taller than average bitch with excellent conformation. She is playful and curious with a sweet loving nature. Great temprement, you could wish for nothing more


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Int, N, L, Vdh, Ddc Ch Abracadabra Von Bismarck-Blue
    • Dainoak Designer Dreams of Altusdane
    • Foaldown Chinalea
    • Dinahtron In Carbon
    • Rayjen Adonis Blue
    • Rayjen Minnehoma
    • Noirblanc Raplagh
    • Asoud Astarte
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Yac V.D. Schlehhecke
    • D, Vdh Ch Nevina V Romersee
    • Hotpoints Regal Blue Touch at Vanmore (Imp Nor)
    • Aataro Waltz Away Dreaming Dainoak JW
    • Cenninpedr Moon River of Foaldown
    • Foaldown Carolina
    • Dinahtron Trueman
    • Dornoir Aeife at Dinahtron
    • .Razia Prince of Thieves
    • Ray Jen Dame Carruthers
    • .Hotpointsregal Bluetouch of Vanmore(Impnor)
    • .Ray Jen Dame Carruthers
    • .Ebonory Ecstatic
    • .Seatonian Blanc Dazur
    • .Genedda On To You Primus(Imp Fin)
    • .Asoud Terigin Blue