Cannonbar Public Enemy

Breed : Akita
Birthdate : 5th November 2012
Health Tested

Health Tests

Mia is a lovely bitch great type pleasure to own full of energy topped off with a super temperament.


  • Parents
    • Anshee The Cameraman
    • Anshee Big Bucks At Glancen
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch. Cas Colt Forty Five of Anshee
    • Anshee Yours Faithfully from Baybar
    • Ch. Am. Ch. Redwitch Heaven Can Wait
    • Beaufleets Bear It N Grin at Anshee
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Raja Regalias on Buckridge
    • Am Ch CAS Gotta Love Me
    • Ch. Anshee Fur Ever
    • Ch Anshee Keep The Faith
    • Ch. Redwitch I Rest My Case
    • Redwitch Heated Affair
    • Ch. Redwitch Feel Free to Stare
    • Starina Saiun of Beaufleet
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am. Ch. T'Stone Cut To The Chase Chiheisen
    • Am. Ch. T'Stone Indian Sumr Kbra Kai
    • Am. Can. Ch. Serdess Zanadou De Lauclair
    • Am. Ch. Shibusa Canadian Maid ROM
    • Ch Regalias Trans Fur to Anshee
    • Can Ch Matsou De Lauclair of Anshee
    • Tireses Under Cover Man
    • Anshee Promises to Keep
    • Am. Ch. Royals Do You Think I'm Sexy for Redwitch
    • Ch. Redwitch Stare If You Dare
    • Ch. Redwitch Feel Free to Stare
    • Redwitch Naughty But Nice
    • Bar Ch. Redwitch Rave On
    • Redwitch In Your Dreams
    • Kwazulu The Iceman
    • Kyoshi Shadow Dancer