Weightman's Rosalie bear

Owner : Kieran Weightman
Breed : Shar Pei
Birthdate : 29th September 2013

Rosie is our beloved family shar pei, who lives in the house with my partner and two small children. She has a fantastic temperament and loves to go for nice walks along the beach or to cuddle up in the warmth on the sofa. She is perfectly healthy in all ways and doesn't suffer with any health conditions at all.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Valdaro Teddy Bear
    • Koniciwas Return for Choo at Yuanpei
    • Nicks chocolate boy
    • Rufflespei little princess
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Rainbodragon Lilac Oscar
    • Sharamka Shelley'S by Design
    • Rickshaz Deep Blue Sea
    • Chimache Singing The Blues at Ruuicha
    • Fairytails the lilac legend at peandokry
    • Ophinia Chinese cracker
    • Rainbodragon blue delight
    • Antuan tai-li bonni
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sharamka Ozzie for Rainbodragon
    • Glapwell Little Tramp
    • Blossom'S Baileys and Cream
    • Bighorns Tiffany of Sharamka (Imp Usa)
    • Deep Blue Devon
    • Peandokry Play Misty for Me
    • Wai Kuotes Blue Wizard of Oz for Chimache
    • Sharamka Indigo Blue
    • China Skye's blue ivory tusk
    • China Skyes lilac desert nymphi
    • Sa ch Cathay hotspot with peandokry
    • Dataci angel delight
    • Taweizidiou Charlie of rainbodragon
    • Dragontail your gone t charm peandokry
    • Hippos pampero
    • Antuan tai-li bambula