Olek Na Kazda Pogode (IMP POL)

Breed : Pug
Birthdate : 7th February 2015

Percy pug came to us from the excellent Na kazda pogode kennel in Poland as a pup he has fitted in well as he was raised with Saint Bernards percy enjoys being shown by our children and swimming in the sea !


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Zumas Leonardo da Vinci
    • Oh what a gorl vom sachsen adel
    • Pol ch meteoryt pomarszczony czar
    • Dafne modrokvet
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Dan ch filo sofas piero
    • Ezetha's baroness of emil
    • Rose windingo Angus of lordpug
    • Dolce vita vom Sachsen adel
    • Ch fci int am swed ch sheffields shenandoah ( imp Swe )
    • Pol ch ch a -bursztynka pomarszczony czar happy bajbak
    • Beauty and beast determination
    • Amalie vom tergrinior
  • Great Great Grand Parents