Icebex Yippee Ki Yay

Owner : ICEBEX
Breed : Siberian Husky
Birthdate : 21st November 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Yippee is from our second litter.

Her Dam is our very own Squeak.

Her Sire is from the famous Forstal's kennel.

It was our intention with this breeding to produce dogs of exceptional working attitude and maintain breed type.

Both Xan and Squeak excel in harness and this attitude has been passed onto Yippee who is showing much promise in harness.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Forstal's Xaros
    • Forstal's Katinka
    • Forstal's Xaros
    • CH Forstal's Kaska
    • Alaskan'S Kitmuk of Anadyr
    • Ch Lara Ke'S Teklanika at Bifrost
    • Conan'S Revenge with Icehowlers
    • Blustag Born To Race for Icehowlers (Fin Imp)
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Chukchi Surgut Of Sepp-Alta
    • Forstal's Ylyscha
    • CH Forstals Kaliznik
    • Skiivolk N'ladya Of Forstal
    • Chukchi Surgut Of Sepp-Alta
    • Forstal's Ylyscha
    • CH Forstal's Seegoo
    • Forstal's Eskra
    • Alaskan'S Blackjack of Anadyr
    • Alaskan'S Grey Mouse of Anadyr
    • Lara-Ke'S Fure
    • Lara-Ke'S Anna Dearest
    • Nights Cast of Siam
    • Silver Dream Warrior
    • White Bear of Blufawn
    • Wolfsong Midnight Sun at Blustag