Coinmor Imperial Eagle from Morganlefay



photo by: Miss J Bowdery

Owner : Morganlefay
Breed : Mastiff
Birthdate : 10th August 2004
Colour : Fawn
Health Tested

Health Tests

Gildor was born 10th August 2004, He stands at 32 inchs to his shoulders, he weighs 14 stone.

Gildor has a brilliant temprement that cannot be faulted in anyway, he has just been hip scored and therefore now available for stud to approved bitches only, for information then contact me anytime, evening best.

Hip Score:- Left 3, Right 4, = Total 7
DNA Profiled on 10.10.2005


  • Parents
    • Coinmor Buccaneer from Jengren
    • Coinmor Banrigh Curata
  • Grand Parents
    • Swainsi Hugo Boss
    • Coinmor Buadh Banrigh at Jengren
    • Craigavon Taboo at Jengren
    • Kenvee Galad of Coinmor
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Best Wishes
    • Venus in Black at Swainsi
    • Jengren Cognac of Saltcountry
    • Kenvee Galad of Coinmor
    • Ch Dignified John at Jengren
    • Craigavon Royal Lady
    • Moorgrove Zulu
    • Lombardy Fiona
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Gildasan Major
    • Crystelle Divine
    • Ch Jengren Pluto
    • Jengren Moma Tembu
    • Ch Jengren Pluto
    • Jengren Barley Sugar
    • Moorgrove Zulu
    • Lombardy Fiona
    • Ch Glynpedr Dom Perignon
    • Meps Dark Rannee at Cenninpedr
    • Brookview Bill Sykes
    • Craigavon Elsa
    • Gildasan Bobby Dazzeler
    • Kizcath Capering Caroline
    • Coinmor Beannachd Ceut
    • Mepts Gracious Aneira