photo by: Denise Dally

Owner : Denise Dally
Breed : English Springer Spaniel
Birthdate : 29th December 2012
Colour : Liver & White

This is our fantastic liver and white working bitch Mia. She is 4 and a half years old and has an amazing pedigree.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ft Ch Edwardiana Robb
    • Spriggans Whidden
    • Kenmilquin Merenque Magic
    • Skersmor Stan of Flintwood
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Knockmany Jumbo (Ft Ch)
    • Edwardiana Bella of Ringsper (Ft Ch)
    • Kidnais Blunder of Spriggans (Ft Ch)
    • Spriggans Bessy (Ft Ch)
    • Moss of Coleford Flintwood
    • Hemlock Helana
    • Steadroc Sker (Ft Ch)
    • Dentro Demi
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Trawscoed Lad of Caldyview (Ft Ch)
    • Swallowlaw Misty
    • Kettlestang Clipper (Ft Ch)
    • Bellsbrook Bright (Ft Ch)
    • Clarburgh Art(Ft Ch)
    • Craighaar Classic (Ft Ch)
    • Kettlestang Comet (Ft Ch)
    • Penrith Flash
    • Robinsmoor Sam of Flintwood (Ft Ch)
    • Jazz of Denewood
    • Steadroc Acker of Flintwood (Ft Ch)
    • Lady Sea Blue Sky
    • Clarburgh Art (Ft Ch)
    • Chilview Ann of Steadroc (FtW)
    • Dolgarreg General
    • Dolau Mair