Ch Alport Fire Cracker

Gus (aka Ch Alport Fire Cracker)

Gus (aka Ch Alport Fire Cracker)

Ch Alport Fire Cracker

Ch Alport Fire Cracker

Ch Alport Fire Cracker

Ch Alport Fire Cracker

Owner : Tusselstaff
Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Birthdate : 20th October 2002
Health Tested

Health Tests

Gus is a super example of a standard staffordshire bull terrier who has produced some beautiful pups .

He is available at stud to health tested bitches only, who have tested clear for PHPV/HC and L2 and HC.
He is a proven stud who has produced some beautiful pups who have had some fabulous wins at UK KC shows including UK Champion, Irish Champion and Romanian Champion as well as progeny gaining CCs, RCCs and KC Stud Book Numbers.

Please pop onto our website to see details of specific dogs/bitches sired by Gus

Please Note:
It is important that anyone looking for a pup should ensure that both dam and sire has been tested for PHPV/HC (with unaffected results) and also L 2 Hga - You should also ask to see their certificates as evidence

Those that have the breeds best interest at heart will have tested for all above conditions

For any advice or information please feel free to contact us either by telephone or email and we will do our best to help you in your search

Please take a moment to read some of Ch Alport Fire Crackers critiques:

*Dark br/w, proof positive that the standard can provide a true balance of bull and terrier. Skull of purposeful proprtions, width with depth, ample stop,neat ears & dark well placed eyes providing typical expression. Straight forequarters, strong but not overdone, with ample width and lift , neck flowed smoothly into withers & topline. Ample spring of rib, with good body definition both from above and side. Short coupled dog with good rear angulation & well muscled hams. Short smooth coat. Movement was smooth and purposeful. CC & RBIS*

Martin Grimwood (Stormstaff)

*Alport Fireracker; star of the day, judged him as a young dog and I’m pleased to see he has matured into the finished article that I expected he would. Terrific head and wicked expression, shortish /strong foreface with large teeth, best of fronts with good width and ample bone, short back, wide at shoulder tapering through ribs to light loins and powerful rear quarters. His conditioning was unsurpassed today and he exuded an image of power and athleticism. Best Dog and Best In Show *

Craig Dillon (Cragails)

*Brindle with white front. This dog’s biggest virtue is his balance – no part is exaggerated.
A “hard as nails dog” who might benefit from not being quite as fit as this.
Beautiful clean cut head with a great expression. Very alert and on his toes all the time. Isn’t that how a Stafford is supposed to be?
Enough width in front with well- muscled neck flowing into a short coupled, strong body. Well- angulated hindquarters and a good bend of stifle. Leans more towards the terrier than many of today’s exhibits but this didn’t deter me from awarding him the CC, his 3rd I believe. Congratulations.*

Patrick McGlyn

*Fit and athletic looking black brindle dog with beautiful head shape and deep through skull, leading to strong under jaz that housed big canines in a nice length of muzzle.His straight and clean cur front is so noticeable. He has a deep rib cage and is well tucked up in the loins. Nice length of body but short coupled due to good angulations. Up on his pasterns and well padded feet and walked with a free flowing action whilst holding his top line level.
Awarded CC and best of breed*

Tony Brindley (Cabrindle)


  • Parents
    • Rikers Secret Sidekick
    • Classic Find at Alport
  • Grand Parents
    • CH. Brystaff Simply the Best
    • Northern Queen
    • CH. Spirestaff Jimmy Jazz
    • Kilnmartyra Girl
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Eastaff Tallys Man
    • Brystaff Rose Ryal
    • Victor Man
    • Moonshiner Girl
    • CH. Boldbull BlackJack
    • CH. Stormstaff Sky's the Limit
    • Valglo Sundancer of Crashkon
    • Shady Jade
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Tondoo Tallyman
    • Devils Brew of Eastaff
    • CH. Hot Pursuit
    • Brystaff Dales Choice
    • CH. Spartan Victor
    • Audreys Wee Lass
    • Minstrel Fighter
    • PrincessJojuba
    • Wyrefare Billy Ruffian
    • Sedgbull Sharp Diamond
    • CH. Constones Yer Man
    • Prelude of Stormstaff
    • CH. Lethal Weapon of Crashkon
    • Valdau Eclipse
    • Stulizan the Dark Destroyer
    • Norweigan Wood