Balletcors Own Maiden From Arizona (IMP USA) (IR Jun Ch)

Balletcors Own Maiden From Arizona Irish Junior Ch

Balletcors Own Maiden From Arizona Irish Junior Ch

photo by: Stephen Bale

Balletcors Own Maiden From Arizona Irish Junior Ch

Balletcors Own Maiden From Arizona Irish Junior Ch

photo by: Stephen Bale

Balletcors Own Maiden From Arizona Irish Junior Ch

Balletcors Own Maiden From Arizona Irish Junior Ch

photo by: Stephen Bale

Breed : Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Birthdate : 11th July 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • EIC : Carrier - 20th September 2016
  • Hair Length : CLEAR - 27th June 2016
  • DM : Carrier - 9th September 2014
  • vWD (Type I) : Clear by parentage - 11th July 2014

In 2013 we started on what was to become a marathon in overseas breeding seeing me initiate a litter in Michigan from a bitch from Washington State and the sperm from Virginia. It took 16 months. We missed the first season and flying in the sperm the second time round saw a litter of six pups. The bitch is a carrier clear and the dog a clear clear for DM and vWD but all the pups tested as carrier clears. A very unfortunate development. I decided to take two and bring them in as it could be another three years for another opportunity.

This litter was bred for one thing and that was to give us the capacity to breed non line bred pups with our own corgis that are genetically tested for known diseases.

I flew the pups into Dublin and their first walk apart from a scurry at the airport was at Arklow Rugby Club where I was made welcome by three officials of the club.
That was late October 2014. We had a litter the following week which put back training plans but I managed work on them after Christmas and at six months and a few days both qualified for Crufts under the new rules for minor puppies at the Manchester CC show under judge Graham Hill (with opposition).

The next week Zac won BoB at the Cardiff Open show with ten entered under judge Mrs Stubbs.

At Crufts we supported other owners of Balletcor corgis and took six corgis not expecting anything. Well Zac took the minor puppy class and then took Best dog puppy. Merlyn another of our team took second in Limit with Monty second in puppy.
Then Zoe having no opposition in minor bitch went on to beat the puppy bitch so both siblings were Best of Sex Puppy in Breed with Zoe Balletcors Own Maiden from Arizona being awarded Best Puppy in Breed Crufts 2015 under Australian judge Mr J Burgess.

After Crufts I waited until they were nine months old before campaigning them in Ireland and both in time won enough Junior classes with Excellent's to be awarded Junior titles.

The first time showing in Ireland saw Zac and his sister at a very wet Holy Cross and after a rough crossing Zoe was entered in the Puppy stakes for her first class under FCI rules. She was pulled out in the final four and in the challenge against the boys took 2nd with the judge saying he loved what he saw. The brace stakes followed and in their first outing together impressed the judge enough to be awarded 1st place.

Zoe on her Irish visits also took two Green Stars but over the Summer has been out of coat.
Zoe is out again and took another Green Star and Best of Breed at the Monkstown show on the 31st of July 16.

Both are tested for DM and both are carriers

Both are vWD clear by parentage.

At the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Open Show in may 2015 Zoe won the Junior class and Best Puppy in Breed against her own kennel mate Balletcor Winters Rosies.

Zoe and brother Zac give the Kennel a strength in depth with their genes and pedigree with 21 Champions up to Great Great Grand Parents.

We have tested Zac and Zoe's eyes and both are clear. Following on from Zac's testing for Fluff we tested Zoe and she followed Zac in returning a Clear.

Both she and Zac are booked in for hips scores in August 2016. Only eleven Pem corgis to date in the UK have been scored so we hope things go well.
Both will be tested for Exercise-induced collapse in line with their litter brother and mother in Illinois who are tested clear.

Zoe has just proved to be a carrier for EIC


  • Parents
    • AM Ch Triple H Mid Knight Rumble ROMX
    • Amsburg's Own Arazona
  • Grand Parents
    • AM Ch Summertime Enchanted Knight ROMX
    • AM Ch Triple H Out in Left Field
    • AM Ch Amsburg's Omega Supreme
    • Amsburg's Firestorm of Foxlore
  • Great Grand Parents
    • AM Ch Hum'nbird Valedictorian
    • AM Ch Putnam's Enchanting Splendor
    • AM Ch Foxlor Schaferhaus Sammy Sosa ROMX
    • AM Ch Summertime Flying Fancy Free
    • AM Ch Foxlor Schaferhaus Sammy Sosa ROMX
    • Amsburg's Own passion ROM
    • AM Ch Amsburg's Own Invader
    • Amsburg's Own into the Fire
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • AM Ch Larchmont's Hum'n Bird Hum
    • AM Ch Beaukays Double Delight
    • AM Ch Hallmarks Olympian
    • AM Ch Putnam's Tinker Bell
    • AM Ch Foxway the Legacy Continues
    • Schaferhaus Foxlore Sassy
    • Can Ch Caralon's Fly So Free
    • Fairy Fox Summertime Secret
    • AM Ch Foxway the Legacy Continues
    • Schaferhaus Foxlore Sassy
    • AM Ch Siskiyou's Dust Devil
    • AM Ch Amsburg's Own Intrigue
    • AM Ch Schaferhaus Foxlore Starbuck
    • Amsburg's Own Temptation Eyes
    • AM Ch Amsburg's Own Born in The USA OFA
    • Amsburg's Own Nikita