Lacoral Holy Moly

photo by: Pic by Jackie Smart

Elga at 12 weeks having a little table practice.

Elga at 12 weeks having a little table practice.

photo by: Pic by Gary Quest

Owner : Lacoral
Breed : French Bulldog
Birthdate : 9th July 2015
Colour : Brindle
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • DM : Clear - 12th October 2015
  • HC-HSF4 : Hereditary Clear - 9th July 2015

Elga is from our second litter born here at Lacoral.
I was over the moon with the whole litter and found it extremely hard choosing my keeper but i decided on beautiful litter Elga due to her very pretty feminine looks.
As well as being a much loved part of the family she has followed in her mum and dad foot steps by becoming part of the Lacoral show team.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Bullbumpkins Beau Geste Crossguns
    • Falsworth Lara
    • Maespicas Proud Boy
    • Welsh Black Gold
    • Dayjaris Edwaed Bear at Tripaway
    • Merlinscave Witches Brew
    • Prince Napoleon at Bullyview
    • Bullbumpkins Buttercup Bullyview (Imp Fra)
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Elliot De La Parure
    • Venus Beaute
    • Dayjaris Gollygosh at Krisway
    • Falsworth Look at Me Move
    • Rowendale Candy Man at Westavon
    • Llanellis Legacy
    • Stuarts Busyboy
    • Gaylon Beautiful Lady
    • Just Georgie at Dayjais
    • Dyjaris Ain'T Mis B Haven
    • Twinhoe Ramone
    • Gizyjo Golddust
    • Acirema Star of The Veldt with Tennille
    • Lenas Little Lady From Tennille
    • Bul Ch Adonis Canis Bull
    • Victime-De- La-Mode De L'Etang Sur La Touze