Axlehurn Over and Above

Owner : Axlehurn
Breed : Irish Water Spaniel
Birthdate : 6th February 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Dougal is a young dog still developing his full potential


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Sh Ch Castlehill's Quantum Leap for Fynder
    • Fynder Watersprite
    • Beaufield Down The River Riley
    • Am Ch D'Locks Evenstar Aof Beaufirld
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Taoide's Honky-Tonk Man
    • Am Ch Castlehill's Madcap Craythome
    • Killountain Trader
    • Phasian Sepia Spinner
    • Am Ch Beaufirld Achiever Willy
    • Am Ch Muddy Wates Instigator
    • Am Can Ch Finnibone'S Too Timin Tank
    • Am Ch Dreadlocks Marsh Wen
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am Ch Madcap's blast From the Past
    • Am Ch Ballyhoo's Current Attraction
    • Am Ch Castlehill's Fynder's Keepers
    • BISS Am Ch Madcap's Brilliant Virtue
    • Rufus of Maghull
    • FTAW Maria of Lisnabrogue
    • Sh Ch Cubloch Hedge Brown
    • Fynder Skeepers
    • Fin & Am Ch Mystic Torin
    • Am Ch Beaufield Make It Myristica
    • Am Ch Mole End Hucknall
    • Am Ch Muddy Waters Bag Lady O' Birdhill
    • Dreadlocks Chumhail A Zulach
    • Lindholme'S Aer Aingeal
    • Am Ch Mole End Jabberwocky
    • Am Ch Dreadlocks Lil' Bit O' Josie