Rosmak Smart Choc At Sondes

photo by: Gemsdale photography

photo by: Paul's Photography

photo by: George Parish photography

Owner : Sondes
Breed : Border Collie
Birthdate : 6th August 2009

High drive dog. Divisional Champion at the 2015 BFA Flyball championships. PLEASE NOTE this dog has been withdrawn from stud due to both sire and dams lines throwing and carrying fitters. Full siblings and half siblings fit and are on the fitting database.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Magreena Largetto at Meisterwerk
    • Starfleet Barbie
    • Anabaron Forest Flame
    • Prunus Cherry Red
    • Sh.Ch. Brooksbid Country Classic
    • Prunus Cherry Red.
    • Grandver Blueprint at Tiflin
    • Starfleet Barbie
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Tosari Andante at Meisterwerk
    • Detania Guinevere for Magreena
    • Monkfield Manne
    • Hawkesmere Cachet
    • Viber Red Baron JW
    • Batavia'S Ana
    • Detania Summersam
    • Starfleet Barbie
    • Hawkesmere Countryman
    • Grandver Ebony 'N Ivory
    • Detania Summersam
    • Starfleet Barbie
    • Hawksmere countryman at Danvalido
    • Grandvere Ebony n' Ivory JW
    • Detania Summersan
    • Starfleet Barbie