Westmids Lexi

Westmids Lexi

Westmids Lexi

photo by: Lucy Loi

Owner : VONLOI
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate : 3rd November 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

Lexi was bred by West Midlands Police, her father was a working police dog and mother a police brood bitch, both parents coming from good working lines.

Lexi has an excellent temperament, stable and clear minded. She is very social and has a great work ethic with super drives and attitude.

She is a superb tracking dog, does very nice obedience and has a big heart when it comes to protection.

Working Certificates: AD, IPO3


  • Parents
    • Saltpool Bach
    • Argonne Catrin
  • Grand Parents
    • Wolfhaus Bud
    • Vongalanberg Adela
    • Zidane Vom Haus Sevens
    • Argonne Anya
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Xoltan Von Syntas
    • Moolhoek's Boya
    • Zidane Van't Leefdaalhof
    • Curie Galan Nalag
    • Magbert Vom Blitzen Stein JP
    • Randa Von Haus Sevens
    • Ahron Von Granit Rose
    • Moolhoek's Arosa
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Nero Vom Sennertal
    • Tils Von Syntas
    • Qudo Von Haus Antverpa
    • Donna-Tina V Tiekerhook
    • Ufo Van Guy's Hof
    • Vaya Van't Leefdaalhof
    • Ugo V Burenswald
    • Babeta Galan CS
    • Orry Von Haus Antverpa
    • Erika Mat-Roz CS
    • Dasty Vom Gries
    • Peggi Von Haus Gremm
    • Brutus Vom Grauen Stern
    • Bora Vom Schwarzen Milan
    • Qudo Von Haus Antverpa
    • Donna-Tina v Tiekerhook