Charney Kikyo Hoshi

Breed : Japanese Spitz
Birthdate : 19th August 2011

Charney Kikyo Hoshi
Is an eye catching Bitch. Champion Sired by the well known WW-15 Ch Kumiko Mizurio! Shes very much like her father in every way with a cheeky personality.

Gains HER FIRST CC alongside her father gainging the DCC & BOB At LKA CH SHOW!

To date she has gained her Stud Book Number! 1 CC And 6 RCC's.

Kiko has had a fantastic start to the summer gaining both RCC up for grabs at Leeds Champshow and The Notheren JapaneseSpitz Club. Under respected Judges, we're so proud of our girl.

Notheren Japanese Spitz Club CH Show; RCC

OB (7,3) 1 Bradley & Astonís Charney Kikyo Hoshi , very much a feminine bitch with perfect shaped eyes, lovely neat ears, small black nose & good wedge head flowing into a strong neck. Firm body good tuck-up, excellent catlike feet & pigmentation all over. Her coat was of correct texture, good quality & she is not over coated as you could see her profile well. Her movement was energetic & parallel in the rear. Her front was straight & she has a great plumed tail. I was pleased to award her RCC


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Indradanush Prashanti at Alkola
    • Dalsetter Sylva ~Belle
    • Tawvale Uranaisha At Charney
    • Charney Ribon Hoshi
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch Gordorna Atatakai Chokoreto
    • Indradanush Khushee
    • Ch Dalsetter Magnificent
    • Dalsetter Sno Magic
    • Ch Charney Pawa Hoshi
    • Tawvale Ebi
    • Ch Gordorna Atatakai Chokoreto
    • Charney Jitzen Hoshi
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Charney Hoshi-Kuzu of Kulani
    • Ch Gordorna Gemeko
    • Ch Alkola Fujiyama
    • Ch Alkola Tashika
    • Ch Houndbrae Mystery
    • Dalsetter Pearly Queen
    • Ch Gordorna Kairo Nismo
    • Dalsetter String of Pearls
    • CH Gordorna Atatakai Chokoreto
    • Charney Kaede Hoshi
    • CH Houndbrae Ianto
    • Tawvale Reiken
    • Charney Hoshi-Kuzu Of Kulani
    • Ch Gordorna Gemeko
    • Charney Hoshi Kuzu Of Kulani
    • Charney Goka Hoshi