Spender's Spirit of Greenfox

Spender's spirit of Greenfox

Spender's spirit of Greenfox

photo by: copyright of greenfox

Owner : Greenfox
Breed : English Springer Spaniel
Birthdate : 17th January 2013

Spender's Spirit of Greenfox (spirit)
A very special working English springer spaniel, spirit is 4th generation of our bitch line, and is sired by our own stud dog Moonreed Marshall of Greenfox
she has a fantastic calm temperament, and is great working dog.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ftch Rytex Ragamuffin of Deepfleet
    • Ftch Scotsbury Solitaire of Moonreed
    • Ftch Saturn'S Spirit
    • Miss Melton Moss
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ftch Rytex Rod
    • Ftch Roughburn Lark
    • Ftch Craighaar Boris
    • Scotsbury Jade
    • Ftch Catleylane Predator
    • Lady Rhianon of Rowston (Ftaw)
    • Marshwood Spender
    • Lundy Lane
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Inler'S Gruff
    • Ftch Rytex Ria
    • Ftch Kenine Robb of Rytex
    • Ftch Roughburn Jill
    • Ftch Kettlestang Comet
    • Ftch Moonreed Amy
    • Ftch Clarburgh Art
    • Latchingdon Ripple
    • Ftch Nanty-Bwla Ricky
    • Catleylane Danja (Ftw)
    • Maesydderwen Typhoon
    • Cleopatra The Hawk
    • Parkbreck Agnen (Ftw)
    • Parkbreck Sasha (Ftw)
    • Glenduff Firefly
    • Starlight Dee