Brumberhill Bellissima

Olive winning Hound Group 4 at Driffield '16

Olive winning Hound Group 4 at Driffield '16

photo by: Alan V. Walker

Olive winning Res BPIS at Northern Counties D.A

Olive winning Res BPIS at Northern Counties D.A

photo by: Emily Thompson

Olive winning Hound Group 2, Hound PG 1 at York CA

Olive winning Hound Group 2, Hound PG 1 at York CA

photo by: Colleen Stead

Owner : Brumberhill
Breed : Wire Haired Dachshund
Birthdate : 30th September 2014

Olive, aka Brumberhill Bellissima, is a homebred daughter of Tony, aka Ch. Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone (IMP ITA) ShCM ex Mabel, the Res CC winning, Ambiesque Advent For Brumberhill.

On her debut, she won 1st Puppy, Res Best Bitch, Best Puppy - Northern Counties D.A. Champ. Show '15 - Christine Russell (Russteck), who wrote " Beautiful puppy sired by my best dog. She has all the essentials good head eye and teeth, a good keel and correct ribbing and well angulated behind. She moved out very well. Res best bitch, Best puppy in Breed, and Reserve Best Puppy in Show"
Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Andrea Callow (Garthorne), who wrote " Lovely elegant brindle Wire girl. Loved everything about her, good head, clean neck & shoulders, excellent hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Moved and covered the ground with ease, also very promising"

2nd Puppy Bitch - SKC (May) '15 - Ken Sinclair (Araki), who wrote "Some very promising babies here with a future. 1 Patton's Lesandnic Snow Fairy. This lively, alert pup oozes quality. Liked her overall shape, size and clean outline, she is very confident and really strode out. 2 McPherson & Paterson's Brumberhill Bellissima. Close up to winner, same critique could apply, just lost out on the final movement to above. I felt she had done enough, well presented"

1st Puppy, Best Puppy & Res BOB - Cheshire County Show '15 - Sandra Johnson (Burnvale), who wrote " Very nice puppy. Balanced outline with good length and level topline and enough ground clearance. Correct head, dark eye, long neck flows into well laid shoulder. Excellent keel and front assembly, elbows fitting nicely and as a result moved well in front. Strong back coming from good ribs going well back, level topline kept on the move. Sturdy body, short loin, well angulated with lovely firm hindquarters which took her easily over the ground. A lovely promise for the future. BP, Res BOB, Puppy Group 2"
Hound Puppy Group 2 - Patsy Hollings (Gunalt), who wrote "Cracking W/H bitch. Long tapering head with strength in jaw. Muscular neck through good lay of shoulder with return of upperarm that allows neat elbow.. Super ribbing with firm loin. Smart mover who could cover the ground with ease."

1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy - Leeds '15 - Mike Gadsby (Afterglow), who wrote "Super type with a good head & expression, super outline with enough ground clearance to uninhibited free movement. Coat coming on nicely & presented well, long neck, great forechest, super topline held on the move, strong well rounded quarters, moved with style & good drive. BP."
3rd Hound / Gundog Puppy Bitch Stakes Leeds '15 - Derek Smith (Clickham)

1st AVNSC Hound Graduate, Best AVNSC Hound, Hound Group 2, Hound Puppy Group 1- York CA - Yvonne Pearson ( Armadio), who wrote " My find of the day! Super sound bitch with the best of coats. So balanced to go over with lovely prosternum & nicely angulated rear. Not the easiest bitch to handle on the move , as she is so full of herself, but handler did well to keep her in check, BNSC, PG1. Well done"

1st Puppy, Best Puppy - Northern L/H DA - Angie Baxter (Hotwire), who wrote " lovely youngster with lots to like, gorgeous head & eye, nice neck leading to well placed shoulders. Good front, well ribbed with good depth, well angulated all round. Moved with drive. BP"

1st Puppy, Best Puppy - East Yorkshire DC - Johnny Morgan (Cotherstone)

1st Post Graduate - Birmingham National '16 - Derek Smith (Clickham), who wrote " quality brindle with a lovely head & neckline, good front & a strong topline, she has an excellent coat in good order & is a super sound mover, tail can detract at times"

1st Post Graduate - Southern Counties '16 - Howard Ogden (Beauview), who wrote " 20 months, developing well, length & strength through head, superb forehand, here was the front I wanted, excellent jacket, well ribbed back, has clearance, super jacket, ideal proportions, sound moving b with bold attitude, gave a good account of herself in the challenge where just her relative lack of maturity showed"

1st Post Graduate, Best Bitch & BOS - Three Counties - John Thirlwell (Ferndel), who wrote " lovely young bitch with feminine head, dark kind expressive eye, pleasing shoulder & front assembly, balanced body with strong topline, good hindquarters which she uses on the move covering the ground soundly. Shown in good coat & condition. BB"

1st Post Graduate, Best Bitch & BOS - Border Union '16 - Jane Howells ( Fallowmill), who wrote "22 months brindle bitch, correct head shape & proportions, almond shaped eye & strong jaw. She has a lovely balanced outline, prominent forechest, shoulders well laid back, good width through brisket & well sprung ribbing that is carried back to a strong short loin, a broad well developed rump, “hammy” thighs & a good bend of stifle. She has a good wire jacket that was well presented, strong bone & moved around the ring with reach & drive, elbows neatly tucked in, maintaining her topline & was true & parallel moving out & back. BB."

1st Post Graduate - Blackpool '16 - Sandra Marshall (Lowerdon)

1st Open, Reserve Best Bitch - City of Birmingham '16 - Steve Rose ( Ridanflight ), who wrote " a lovely bitch again with lots to like, another just coming back into coat moved out well RBB"

1st Open Bitch, BOB & Res BIS - Northern Counties Dachshund Association '16 - Antony Bongiovanni (Ankors),

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch & BOS - Darlington '16 - Ken Andrew, who wrote "2 years bitch, nice bitch with good chest & keel, true mover"

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch & BOB - Driffield '16 - Carol Hobson, who wrote "my notes say ‘wow’, 2 years eyecatching red, feminine head, dark eye, the best shoulders in the entry, well balanced with a firm topline & good hindquarters, moved out with drive & purpose, liked her style"
Hound Group 4 - Marie Bryce-Smith (Saruk), who wrote "W/h Dachs, really fell for this young bitch, thought she had excellent proportions, lovely head & moved true with ground covering strides"

1st Limit Bitch - Midland Counties '16 - Sue Seath (Sunsong), who wrote "Beautifully presented brindle with good coat sired by my Dog CC winner, and he has passed on many of his qualities. Just slightly larger size than I prefer, but that said she has much to admire. Attractive feminine head, carried proudly on good length neck, firm level topline that never falters in stance or movement, well angulated fore and hindquarters and sound movement. Covers the ground with freedom and good length of stride in profile holding her outline and is parallel up and back"

2nd Limit Bitch - Great Joint D.A. Ch. Show '16 - Janet McLeod (Janjac), who wrote " another lovely bitch from a larger mould than 1, she has a super head, reachy neck, super front, well ribbed, strong loin, well muscled body, lovely outline, so free mover, presentation excellent"

2nd Limit Bitch - LKA '16 - Emily Mitchell ( Bronia), who wrote " Another lovely bitch on the move. Elegant, well angulated and well bodied bitch. Kept a good outline at all times. Very close between 1 & 2."


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Braz, Am, Int.. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Irish Fighter
    • Braz. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Born In The USA
    • Arg,Uru,Lat. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Google
    • Arg, Lat. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Tiket SW
    • Ch. Silvae Pickwick
    • Ch. Sonic Sugar Babe.
    • Ch. Ir. Am. Ch. Raydachs Tom Cruisin On (Imp).
    • Cloudside Red Rose.
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Am,Can,Braz,Arg,Uru. Ch. Starhaven Andrew W
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Fan Dancer SW
    • Am. Ch. Starbarrack Escoffier SW
    • Am, Braz. Ch. Usonia Lakota Treis Pinheiros
    • Uk, Am. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Zucchini SW (IMP USA)
    • Braz. Ch. Treis Pinheiros Born In The USA
    • World, Braz, Indian Ch. Treis Pinheiros Quo Vadis SW
    • Braz. Ch. Kiss Me Treis Pinheiros
    • Ch. & Ir. Ch. Lieblings Pick N Mix
    • Silvae Zoe
    • Ch. Andlouis Sir Lancelot
    • Dainty Delia of Sonic
    • Am. Ch. Rose Farms Calcide.
    • Am. Ch. Raydachs Meerfrau Melusina.
    • Ch. Cloudside Copper Coin.
    • Silvae Fitznicely