Ch Eternalpride Calistra

Breed : Bullmastiff
Birthdate : 5th December 2010

Paws Champion Eternalpride Calistra, is Our home bred girl, true to type with a gorgeous outline.

To date She has an impressive 4 CC's and 5 RCC's with 1 BOB.

She is a lovely natured girl, who is full of spirit and a real show girl!

Some of her Critiques

WINDSOR CH SHOW OB (4,1) 1 Aston & Bradley’s Eternalpride Calistra, excellent feminine head & expression, well filled cheeks, lovely dark eye, correct ear placement. Lovely reach of neck, good shoulder placement. Straight front, strong pasterns, good depth of chest. Well sprung ribs. Short coupled body with excellent topline & tailset. In hard condition. Moved with reach & drive handled to her advantage. BB, BOB

PAIGNTON CH SHOW OB (6,2) 1 Aston & Bradley’s Elernalpride Calistra, 4 years. A beautiful bitch with a good head, she flows well out of neck into a good topline & tailset. Strong quarters which she used well to flow effortlessly around the ring & she never put a foot wrong moving straight & true at all times. CC

BLACKPOOL CH SHOW OB (8,4) 1 Aston & Bradley’s Eternalpride Calistra, 4 years old, of super type feminine head & expression, dark eye, correct ears & bite, good width, well padded lips, correct front & bone, correct feet, tight elbows, well muscled, lot of rib, lovely topline & tailset, excellent rear assembly, quarter well muscled, moved out with purpose covering the ground well, holding topline in profile & true going & coming

BORDER UNION OB (3) 1 Aston & Bradley’s Eternalpride Calistra, a mature bitch who is not in any way showy but everything which I want in a bitch is here. She is balanced with excellent bone & she is powerful while remaining feminine. She has excellent head proportions & an alert expression, a strong neck, a good ribcage, excellent topline & quarters, really good feet. She moves out really well with good extension & an easy gait. Very well handled. CC