Senendal Bix the Jazz Man With Jancet JW

Senendal Bix The Jazz Man With Jancet   (Edward)

Senendal Bix The Jazz Man With Jancet (Edward)

photo by: N. Peggs

Owner : JANCET
Breed : Labrador Retriever
14th November 1995 - 4th May 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Edward is a fantastic dog,he has 1 R.C.C. and his junior warrant, I have shown him since he was 6 months old . He has won and been placed at many Championship Shows, Edward was still being shown in veteran classes at breed shows until recently. He has been placed in all veteran breed classes attended. Edward has now retired and has given us fun at shows over the years with some great wins. He now spends most of his time asleep in front of the woodburner. After a short ilness Edward lost his battle with life. My beautiful boy at rest and in no more pain.


  • Parents
    • Sheenaron Merry Jazz
    • Senendal Challis
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch. Sandylands My Guy
    • Sheenaron Merry Ruffles
    • Sh.Ch. Davricard Bobby Shafto
    • Rangeways Charity of Senendal
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Kupros Master Mariner
    • Sandylands Bramble
    • Sh.Ch. Sandylands Royal Escort
    • Sheenaron Mery Foottapper
    • Ch. Kupros Master Mariner
    • Davricard Browned Off
    • Captain Kirkof Rangeways
    • Rangeways Ribbons'N' Bows
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sh.Ch.AM.CAN.Lindall Mastercraft
    • Kupros Bridget
    • Ch. Squire of Ballyduff
    • Sh.Ch. Sandylands Longley Come Rain
    • Sh.Ch. Ransom of Sandylands
    • Sandylands Bramble
    • Sh.Ch. Heatherbourne Fisherman
    • Sheenaron Merry Tambalina
    • Sh.Ch.AM.CAN.Ch. Lindall Master Craft
    • Kupros Bridget
    • Sh.Ch. Charway Blackthorn of Follytower
    • Sh.Ch. Bradking Bridgette of Follytower
    • Sh.Ch. Bradking Cassidy
    • Rangeways Midnight Lady
    • Ch. Kupros Master Mariner
    • Rangeways Susie Whoo