Spanglewood Feather



photo by: Jane Anderton

Owner : Spanglewood
Breed : Labrador Retriever
Birthdate : 5th June 2011
Health Tested

Health Tests

Riz is our lovely fox red colour of yellow bitch, she has a lovely temperament and a keen worker, she had her first litter of 11 puppies 9 weeks ago and they have all gone to new homes, she proved to be a very good mum, but is now enjoying life in the shooting season.


  • Parents
    • Skeffington Pintail of Spanglewood
    • Elseawood Primrose of Spanglewood
  • Grand Parents
    • Ftch Flashmount Socrates
    • Barley May
    • Delfleet chestnut of Fieldmark
    • Brocklebank Marble
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Flashmount Danny
    • Zephyr whisker of Flashmount
    • Manymills Hawfinch
    • Pleasant Solar
    • Delfleet Garlic
    • Deflect Teasel
    • Ftch Talsbrook Rhum of Bolton Abbey
    • Trekkers Sorrel
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ftch Dargdaffin Archie
    • Ftch Flashmount Larch
    • Marshbrook Masterpiece of Clancullum
    • Heartwood Hill Ebony
    • Ch Abbeystead Herons Court
    • Many mills Jaffa
    • Pleasant Sam
    • Reflyns Ivy
    • Ftch Lafatette Tolley
    • Stitchwood Rapier
    • Flashmount Fall
    • Deflect Pollen
    • Bridgestone Charlie
    • Styperson Swallow
    • Ftch Aughacasia Sam of Drakeshead
    • Knobhill Waterduck Wren at Treckers