Luxatori Baltazar Of Cserenci For Bremetenacum (IMP HUN)

Owner : Margaret Howorth
Breed : Hungarian Vizsla
Birthdate : 3rd April 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Imported from Hungary. Baltazar brings a unique bloodline to the UK. He has an outstanding temperament, he has competed with sucess in the show ring and has been trained basic gundog skills. He is very obiedient and easy to train, he is a very laid back character. He is extremely loving and loyal, he is fantastic with children of all ages.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Bedai valley hunters bugac
    • Ujkeri vadasz sugar
    • Ch jozsalaki alfonz
    • Bescali-beszel getos casino
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Starr-pionts swing it satchmo
    • Ch luxatori fruzsi
    • Vadasz far remek
    • Ujkeri vadasz napsugar
    • Ch csckolandy kalasz
    • Ausa vom ammerholz
    • Ch csckolandy kalasz
    • Becsali Beszel getos chino
  • Great Great Grand Parents