Brownsview Beretta

Brownsview Beretta (Etta) liver and white bitch.

Brownsview Beretta (Etta) liver and white bitch.

Owner : Brownsview
Breed : German Shorthaired Pointer
Birthdate : 15th June 2011

Liver and white bitch


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • sh ch barleyarch polka
    • sh ch stormridge misty midnight
    • sh ch inchmarlow gereann
    • sh ch hillanhihertanta with magregor
    • Sh Ch Hillani Tjabo
    • Sh Ch Barleyarch Piccadilly
    • Winterwell The Fifer JW
    • Clariss of Caymen at Brownsview
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • ch and ft chstairfoot sobrig
    • ch barleyarch platinum
    • sh ch inchmarlow montana
    • sh ch stormridge misty morning
    • inchmarlow imalik
    • inchmarlow loch choire
    • ch inchmarlow ragot mai
    • sh ch hillanhi laith
    • Ch Inchmarlo Ragot Mai
    • Sh Ch Hillanhi Laith
    • Sh Ch Bryburn The Snob
    • Sh Ch Barleyarch Painted Lady
    • Ch Barleyarch Playboy
    • Winterwell First Impression
    • Waldberg Remus
    • Birkenwald Zanya